May 23, 2016


make small achievements as an addiction - rugged breed

Well if you've been addicted to some cocaine, cigarette, alcohol or something, guess what? you can also become addicted to success. Anyone can choose his own addiction  so why not choose an addiction that is healthy and helpful to your life. You've been destroying your life over the last few years by patronizing an addiction that is only damaging your brain and your body. Now is the time to replace your addiction if you can, anything is possible, you can still change your life and replace your bad habits with good habits. It is just a matte of dedication and commitment.

One good addiction is achievements, may it be a small or big achievement, it is very good to your life. It can  give you a better life and it will pull you up from the mud. Your life will have a direction and you will enjoy your life even more because you are seeing that you too can accomplish little things and these little things can turn into bigger things once you keep achieving small things. It will evolve if you make a commitment of achieving everyday.

What is an achievement? anything, it is an accomplishment, it is not all about money. It is anything that you accomplished. It is anything that you put an effort and you gave a little sweat. For example you jogged for an hour today, that is already an achievement. It feels good right? If you've earned at least 10 dollars today by purely hardwork and you earned it without scamming anyone then that is already an achievement. If you finished all the household chores today and you did it passionately then that is already an achievement. Achievement is basically finishing something and that something has a positive impact in your life.

Achievement is accomplishing something that makes your life better. It can be very small but at least you know in yourself that it contributes something to the progression of your life. It doesn't need to become very big like buying a car, buying a house, finishing a college degree or qualifying for an olympics. Anything can be labelled as an achievement for as long as you work hard for it and you commit yourself to it for some time.

The good thing is if you can achieve small things then you can also achieve big things. That is why making small achievements as an addiction is really good. It will instill a habit in you of achieving everyday. Once you get bored on achieving small things then you will look for bigger things and I am very sure you can get anything you want because your patience and wanting to win was already built.

Choose anything to achieve, you are free to choose. Start with small things, become addicted to it. Achieve everyday and don't stop. You will be amazed at one day you were already achieving bigger things in life. Start being small and continue growing big.

Be happy with what you are achieving, again it doesn't matter if your achievement is big or small, what matters is you are achieving something unlike others who were contended for having no progress in their life because they were so lazy and they cannot see a bigger picture. Make a little celebration if you achieve small things, continue to feel better and continue to do better.

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