May 21, 2016


Look at your picture when you were so slim, it will inspire you to work hard and become slim again. Remember the days when you were on a strict diet, you are eating the right foods and you are exercising like a beast. How does it feel like? Look at your perfect body and feel envy with the past. Envy your past because it has the body that you want and the present has the body that you dislike.

Look at your past when you have a lot of money and you were so successful. How does your face looks like while counting big bucks? How does your body language looks like while buying the things that you love? what is your attitude towards your job? What are your habits and techniques while you are still succeeding? Look at your past, study it and compare it to your present situation. Don't feel guilty because you are doing bad now, don't feel guilty because you will discover that you take your life for granted and that is the reason why you are failing.

Everyone says forget your past and move one so you will have a better future. Yes it is true that you should forget past but only the bad ones, keep the good ones and remember its details. The good things from the past will serve as a reference to remind you how to become good again and successful again. Remember all the tiniest details from the time that you were still doing good and repeat all of it now. Repeat the same process when you were still thriving, never miss a single detail.

Sometimes as you grow old and you become adjusted to your environment, you will forget the things that made you successful. It is because you are just going with the flow and you don't want to oppose it. Your life is being dictated by fate and you are not doing anything about it. You need to look at your past and find what are the useful things that you can pull from it.

If you want to become successful again and you don't know what to do anymore just bring the past back. Look for the simple habits, routines and beliefs that once made you successful and bring it back to the present. You can tweak it a little bit and add some positive knowledge that you acquire in the present.

Also look at the people around you from the past, who were the people that helps you to become successful? who are those people who pushes you to the top? remember them and join them again. Study what did you do with those people and study the activities that you engaged with them.

Success is just repetition, if you are not succeeding now then maybe you are not repeating the things that made you successful because you thought that you were already great. Look at your past, repeat the things that brought you to the top.

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