May 27, 2016



Praise a person who always shows up. Praise him because even if it is raining, even if there is a typhoon or earthquake or any kind of natural disaster he still shows up. Not anyone can do that especially in our generation today where people were allowed to make thousands of excuses. And they really believe that their excuses were serving them and giving them an advantage. Their like "I don't want to go that's it", they were like spoiled divas who will just show up whenever they feel it.

Do you know some personality who is not that talented or does not possess something special but still thriving in some ways? it is because he shows up whenever there is a business, meeting or opportunity presented. For them, the only way to become successful is to outwork everyone and be as professional as they can be.

If you can show up everyday even if the the event is not favoring you so much then you have a big chance of becoming successful. It is because your presence can match any opportunity that is being presented. Just be patient, your time will come if you don't get tired of showing up.

What if the bigger role needs a substitute and you are the only option that can be seen? They have no choice but to give you the break. You will not be overlook, you will take the role. Your presence will fill up the absence. You're like a spider who is just waiting for his prey, you are just waiting for your chance and then you will grab it like it's the last chance of your life.

Opportunities will find you if you are always present and willing to take any job, don't be choosy, don't act like you're a special person. Be present if there is a call, even if the offer is not that good or will only give you small pay. Just show up, come early and be willing to give your one hundred percent all the time. Show them that you are hungry, make them feel that you want it so bad.

There are some people who were very talented and promising but easily fall down. It is because once they tasted a little success, they already feel that they were big and has the right to have a star attitude. They always come late, they were not professional, they turn down small offers that is why success turn its back from them. And when it comes to the point where they were the ones who need a job? NOBODY TRUST THEM ANYMORE. Their ego let them down.

Even if you are not that skilled or talented, you will grow by simply showing up. You will have a lot of experience, you can learn new things, you will see what is going around, you will know what is right or wrong. Your presence will show you different things, if you were absent do you think you can acquire some knowledge?

Showing up doesn't mean you will always get something, but the good thing is you are not missing any opportunity that might show. You were always aware of what is happening around and you are in full control. You even know something that other people who has bigger role than you didn't know. Just showing up will put you on top.