May 24, 2016



I don't remember God says that some dreams or bigger dreams are not for everyone. I don't remember that at all. But there are some people who is no better than God but is advising like a God. It seems like they know everything about you and they are the judge of who will become successful.

There were some people who will tell you that you can't do something big because you don't have that certain quality to become successful. They will compare you to someone who they thought is better than you but didn't make it. They will even read the history and will compare you to the great individuals that didn't become successful and they will ask you "how can you do it if they can't?". Never listen to them because if you do... you were already eliminated in the game just before you started.

Stop reading the history books about who made it and who doesn't. Those people were irrelevant to your life. It is your duty to make a history and not to read history. Stop comparing yourself to people who you think is stronger than you. You don't know their real strength but you know your strength, If you push yourself to make it to the next level and you are progressing everyday then there is nothing else to talk about. There is nothing else to worry about.

History is the past, it has nothing to do with the present. Forget about those greats who made it on top because it has no connection to your intention. Just laugh at the history because it is not happening anymore. Don't try to disrespect it but just don't care about it, never let it create an impact to your life. Never let it affect your decision and your journey.

People were always bringing the past but the past cannot change the present. It can only present some facts that can be erased by greatness that can be seen in the present. History is made to be erased and anyone can erase it. Create and eraser that will make the history even better. For you history is nothing, it is just a place where some records where recorded and it has nothing special about it.

Create your own history. Create your own records, create your own story of greatness. Create something that hasn't been seen before. If you really wanted to succeed and be discovered then you should do something that was impossible to achieved by many. You should do something to talk about, make an impact that is very hard to ignore.

Forget about your limits. This is the only way to create history, forgetting about your limits. It is not just about "okay I am not limited, I have the strength, I can do everything I want." You can also do that but it is really true? at some point your strength will worn out and your skills will be useless. To forget about your limits is to destroy every limit that you have, You can only do it by continuously progressing everyday and breaking your own records. That is the way to forget your limits. It is like one day you do 100 pushups and the following day you will do 101. That is how you destroy your limits and there is no other way around.

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