May 23, 2016


So did you ever noticed that you've been getting a lot of feedbacks from different types of people and still you are not getting the result that you want? You've been following their ideas and commands, you're respecting their leads and so... how did it went out? Did you become an instant success? did you experience greatness?

And when you follow their ideas and not your own idea how did you feel? did you feel happy? did you feel accomplished? or did you feel you disrespected your own life and you remove your right to decide for yourself?

Now, you already followed what others wanted you to do. You already tried their advises and yet you still fail. You did everything they told you to do even if sometimes you want to follow your own instincts. You're like a slave to them, are they the one feeding you everyday? You're like a robot that was controlled by other people and if you don't follow they will not put battery into your system so you can't run anymore.

If you were so sick and tired of them feeding you the rules and regulations to do things then it is time for you to listen to yourself. Listen to your instincts, follow your guts, do what your heart says. Just for once never listen to what other people say, never listen to their instructions. They already failed you now it's time to fail yourself, it is better to fail on your own mistake than to fail by other's decisions.

Just for once disconnect yourself to these wannabes, unplugged from their coaching activities. Decide that you will follow every idea that your heart told you so and see if you will win or fail. Nevermind if they will get mad at you. You have your own life, you can also think, you can also decide so use your own abilities and judgement.

Just see it for yourself, see what you can do if you use your own strength, see what results will you get if you go all out and be yourself for once. And even if you fail, I am very sure you will become happy because there is no other feeling greater than being yourself and following your gut. Being yourself is already winning, it gives you good feelings and you feel the real freedom. You feel how is it to decide for yourself and genuinely do every action that your heart is telling you.

And when you decide that you are going to listen to yourself, really mean it. Never feel guilt, never feel regret because you turn people down. Never feel sad if someone gets mad at you. This is natural, a lot of people gets mad at someone who will stand for himself. Just go all out, never look back and experience being you. You will never regret it if you fail because standing up for something is already winning.

There are lots of people who already won but still feel like a loser because they let other people dictate them. They let other people decide for them, they feel like they don't own their own life so in the end they still feel like a failure.

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