May 29, 2016


Do work with out feeling lazy because it will reflect to the results of your work. Even if you work for 5 hours to do something but you are not giving your best and you are not executing the tiniest details to make the work outstanding then you are still lazy. There is a difference between a lazy work that was done in 5 hours and an outstanding work that was only done in two hours. A lazy work is slow, it is a type of work that was just trying to kill the time for the sake of just finishing the work and showing the boss that you work hard. A lazy work is dirty and full of mistakes because it is a work done without focus. An outstanding work is fast, clean, on time and not very costly. An outstanding work is a work that you honestly can be proud of without lying to yourself.

I've experienced this during the time that we are building our house, I help our construction workers carry some hollow blocks, soils, gravels etc. I've been working hard and carrying a lot of heavy stuffs even though I am not used to doing that type of work. I am very disappointed because I work harder than one of the laborers. He is killing the time, he makes a lot of excuses such as stretching his back, pausing for a while, texting etc. I am just an 18 year old boy that time so I cannot approach him and tell him what he's been doing. It's crazy because I am the one who have the right to become lazy but I am working harder than others who were supposed to be working hard. That guy is working but he is still lazy because he can do more but he is doing less. He is just pretending that he is working.

Laziness can also be found on your everyday routine. If you are exercising everyday, that doesn't mean you are not lazy, you are still lazy in some aspects. If you are doing 100 reps a day consistently and you decided to just do 50 reps one day because you are so tired then you are still lazy. Once you make your daily work shorter than it was before then that is already laziness. Even if you are running for at least 30 minutes a day then one day you decided to run for only 20 minutes then that is also laziness. In other words, laziness is shortening your work. Laziness is making yourself believe that you've done your work so you can relax a bit or level down a bit.

If you feel lazy, even if you are working, it is still laziness. It is simply because you are not giving your 100 percent for the job, you are practicing mediocrity and not excellence. You feel heavy, you want to fastforward the time, you want to finish right away, in other words you really don't want to work.

The solution for this is don't rush and don't slow. Just enjoy your time working, enjoy every movement that you make. Feel proud if you are doing your best and never mind if your hardwork will not be rewarded because it will be rewarded someday. Know the real meaning of work, always give your one hundred percent.