May 17, 2016


If you are swelling it means you are progressing, it means you are improving and developing so be happy about it. Forget about the pain because pain is an indication that you are growing, pain will never stay in your body forever.

Look at your muscles now, it is swelling, it is because you lifted a lot of heavy weights and you punished your body by repeating over and over again. Yeah it is painful but be happy because that pain is the sign of growth, it means you already passed another level. It means you are working hard and you are reaping the fruits of your labor. Swelling means success is almost there, you'll just have to endure a little more.

There is a pain included for every growth that is happening. That is why changing is painful, it is hard and it makes you crazy at some point but you cannot get away with pain because it is the number one requirement of change. You can't be a drug addict for 12 years then when you decided to change you can change right away. If that is possible then there will be no rehabilitation centers anymore. That is why drug addicts needed a lot of time to change, it even take years to change for them. They need to endure the life without taking any kinds of drugs and it is hard for them to do it because drugs were already embedded in their system.

If your eyes is swelling and your eye bugs got darker and bigger because of studying or pursuing goals at night then be happy with it. It is not an indication of ugliness, it is beauty. Be happy because it only means you are taking charge of your life, you are doing something which some people can't do. You are making sacrifices that will make you live the life that you want.

Swelling means progressing and expanding. Look at your wallet, if it is swelling then it means you have more money on it. If you are not swelling then it means you remain the same person, it means you haven't done any significant change in your life. Swelling means you are changing shape and you are about to enter a new and better level of your life. Embrace the swelling, feel it and never be ashamed of it.

Always be happy with the pain that you are feeling right now because of pursuing something or changing your life. That pain will soon go away and your dreams will soon become a reality. Pain is just a feeling, it won't kill you or bury you. All it can do is strengthen you and prepare you for a great battle.

People who doesn't want to experience at least a little amount of pain will never change and will never change their lives. They will remain the same person that they were from the beginning. Yes they will not suffer and they will not be stressed but when they grew old they will have a lot of regrets in their lives. They will think to try for the last time but they don't have the strength and passion anymore to pursue their dreams. They will think about their dreams every night and they will blame themselves for not taking the right action.

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