May 08, 2016



It is impossible that you have no place. What course did you finish? what is the career that you are pursuing? what ambitions do you have? Don't worry because there is a place waiting for you and that is guaranteed. No need to worry where it is, there is nothing to be scared of. Take unstoppable action and you will arrive in your destination.

Some people were really negative and scaring other people that there were already thousands of lawyers and engineers or any other popular profession so they better choose another career to pursue. Don't worry because those people are hypocrites and don't know anything about life. There will always be a place for you if you look hard enough for it. It is impossible that you have no place. Don't worry if the competition in your field is so tight and it gives you a lot of pressure. Once you do your assignment and you really know something and you know what you are doing then there is a position waiting for you. No need to worry, all you have to do is seek hard and you will find.

A good example is car dealers. There are millions of car dealers around the world and the competition is really high but how come some dealers still find a way to sell cars? Some car dealers are making excuses but some are really good on their job. It is because good car dealers know there is a customer waiting for them only if they seek hard and never give up. Car dealers who makes excuses finds lapses. They were not focused on making money that is why they were beaten by adversity.

A spot for you is just waiting for your arrival. All you need to do is keep moving, you don't know where is that spot but attraction will happen if you have a strong determination. You don't know when will you arrive on your designated place but one thing is for sure, that time won't come if you will not take the right actions and you need to move now.

Yes it is really hard if you keep on seeking but you can't find anything. Keep in mind that it is happening because you were only being tested if you really want your spot. Those who don't give up will reach the top, those who quit will always taste defeat.

Don't choose a profession or a passion that has a fewer competitors, always choose what you love and forget about how hard or easy it is. It is not about the number of competitors, it is about the number of steps you are willing to take. It is not about how tight is the competition it is about how strong is your motivation. So stop making excuses and just do anything that you think will put you on your spot, anything that will make you feel good and positive.

Stop waiting because your spot might be taken away by someone who is hungrier than you, your spot is guaranteed if you are deserving of it and if you really want it.

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