May 28, 2016


IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING - rugged breed

Anybody can but will they do it?

Success is not about talking it is about doing. Every little success starts from thinking and then executing right away, no talking is needed. Every little thing you do today will have an effect in your future so never underestimate the little actions that you are doing at the moment whether it is good or bad.

You don't need to become smart or rich or talented to get a diploma in college. It is very simple, you just need to go to school at time, do your assignments, listen to your professors very well, do your projects then repeat. Do it for the years required to graduate then you get a diploma. Was that hard? NO. It takes time and a lot of effort but there is no special skills needed. You just show up, discipline yourself, pass all the requirements and then BOOM! Bright future is waiting for you.

But there were some spoiled kids who thought that everything was hard because they don't want to get a little uncomfortable for at least once in their lives... they will build some stories why they can't graduate. They will tell their moms... it is traffic, the professor was terror, there were some bullies in the class, my allowance was not enough, the subjects was too hard, our home was very far from the school, I don't have those books, I don't have a laptop. The list of excuses never ended and then their poor moms will somehow believe their stories and will baby them once again.

It's all about doing guys there is no secret here. If you are pursuing something and let's say there is really a difficulty, there are really things that you can't control or hard to control, there are really things that are making your life very difficult but... There is a big but, what if you convert the energies you used for complaining and making excuses to action? What if you just do every step that you can make and commit to endless action until the end? what do you think will happen? what if you just read what you can read, write what you can write, answer what you can answer, pass what you can pass, do you think the result will be different? DEFINITELY YES.

Those who can do will always get something. Who can brush his teeth before going to sleep will retain his teeth for a very long time, who can do his task right away will have a longer peace of mind, who can stay long in grinding hours will have greater rewards, those who have the ability to just do what is needed and doing another thing again and again will have more than what they deserve. It is a snowball effect, the reward keeps getting bigger and bigger as you do the right things consistently.

So never look for what you have or what gifts were given to you. Just develop a mindset of doing what is needed right away. If your house is burning what will you do? you will just look for an escape right? If your wound is bleeding what will you do? cover it with bandage right? or just simply pressing the sides of the wound until the bleeding stops. Life is all about doing and not about thinking nor talking, that is how simple life is.