May 21, 2016


Are you this kind of person who loves quotes, inspirational stories, motivational stuffs etc.? are you so hook in it and you love to spread it to the world? Are you sharing what you've learned to your friends and families? and what is your purpose by sharing those stories? you wan't to change them?, yet you are not changing yourself.

I know you've been a fan of such pages, websites or video channels and you want to actualized what you've learn from those sources. I know you spend hundreds of hours learning the messages from those sources and you really connect with it.

If you are motivated by those stuffs then why don't you do it instead of sharing it? You acquire those knowledge to test it if it will work and not to just feel good about it. You've seen a lot of stuffs and you've learn a lot of things then it is time for you to test it and see if it is really true.

Test if working hard and focusing will really give you results. Test if being disciplined and having the right attitude will make you successful. You have to test it and apply it to yourself before you talk about it to the world. People will not believe in you if you are spreading some news that you didn't even try for yourself. I know you want to change the world by sharing what you've discovered but you have to change yourself first and apply what you've learned.

And besides, why are you sharing something that you haven't test for yourself?. You believe in something even if you haven't tried it and see if it works? You believe on those powerful stories about underdogs who made it in life by simply working hard and believing in themselves? You believe in those miraculous comebacks that was fueled by motivation and burning desire to win? Why? did you see it in your own naked eyes?

Don't spread some news until you try it and prove that it works because some people will ask you if it is really true and if it works for you. Some people will look for evidence and you need to show them some. Some people will mock you and make fun of you because they think you are crazy to believe in impossible things. And once they know that you have no proof that those stories are real, they will mock you even more, the mockery will be harder this time. So stop teaching them and start showing them.

You're already pumped up, you're already motivated so now the next step should be executed. And stop telling me that you still need to see some more videos and read some inspirational stories before you start. Your mind is already polluted with those stuffs, you're already an addict to motivation so start now and become the inspiration itself. Show them that you're not just patronizing motivation instead you're also a part of motivation. Show them that you also have a story of your own and you are the star of that story.

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