May 14, 2016


Success is very elusive especially if you were pursuing it so hard. You can try different ways on how to become successful but yet you can still fail. You can be the hardest worker in the world but it doesn't guarantee you that you are going to become successful.

Sometimes the feeling of failing is the only thing that hinders you from being successful. This is why people doesn't want to try again after failing, they take it so hard and they don't want to experience that feeling again. They get phobia from failing, they don't want to experience the humiliation again, they don't want to cry again. I think everyone is destined to fail at some point in their lives, nobody can escape failure. Even the most successful people in the world experienced failure and they were proud of it, they said that failure makes them stronger, failure makes them a better person.

So if you just fail once and twice and you feel that you cannot take another failure anymore, my advice to you is just keep failing. You already failed more than once so there is nothing left for you anymore. Just keep failing until the feeling of failing is nothing new to you anymore. Keep failing until winning is the only option. If you immune yourself to failure then you will become fearless to  make another try, you will become more loose and you will not care if you fail again. You will not care about what people say because failing doesn't give you any negative feelings anymore. Failing to you is just like another normal day, you will just laugh at it and move on so fast.

Just trust that in the end you will still succeed. Maybe you just need to count a number of failures before you become successful. There are some people who experienced a lot of failures but didn't lose hope so in the end they still become successful. Even if your failure is heart breaking, just keep failing, keep enduring until you succeed.

Always remember that there is nothing to be ashamed of in failing, you can still become proud even if you fail if you give your one hundred percent effort. Failing is normal, you must get used to it because it is necessary for succeeding.

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