May 19, 2016


it is ok to multi task - rugged breed

There are some people who were against multi tasking. They said that you will lose focus and you cannot work at your best. My feedback to this is if you can multi task and there is no business or other people affected then do it. If it is contributing to your progress and if it is saving you a lot of time then do it.

If you were at your office and you literally want to move to another place where the salary is high so what you will do is you will look for other jobs on the internet while you are doing your work. It is ok, do it, for as long as your work is not affected and you are reaching the quota (if there is) then there is nothing to worry about. You can search the internet all day long looking for another job that pays high and at the same time you can also do your work, again make sure your work is not going down. Also make sure that your boss is not seeing you.

Another example of multi tasking - exercising while watching tv, it is cool right? doing repetitive exercise is really boring and sometimes you don't want to finish what you've started so adding some twist on it maybe helpful. Do jumping jacks while watching shows about vampires and bulldogs if it will make your exercise easier. Watching hip hop abs and at the same time doing it is already multi tasking.

I am not a big fan of multi tasking but I am also not against it. If it is serving your life very well and you are progressing then why not do it. Some mothers are sweeping the floor while carrying their babies at their back and it is not doing any bad to them. They took care of their babies very well and at the same time they clean their houses, what a perfect way to save time.

Sometimes multi tasking is making you forget the difficult task that you are doing. It goes like this, one work is harder so you do other work that is easier and more fun, the result is you almost forgot that the other work is harder because you are enjoying doing the easier work. It is like lifting heavy weights while watching romantic films. You almost forgot the difficulty of lifting the heavy weights because your mind is being tricked by the romantic movie. You were so focused on the kissing scenes and your mind doesn't worry about the difficulty of lifting the heavy weights anymore.

Do what is compatible with you, if you love multi tasking and you think it is saving you more time then don't hesitate to do it. Some people even have double jobs at the same time and they managed to do it without being stressed. They were so focused on earning money so they don't mind if they get caught by their employers.

It is ok to multi task for as long as the focus on finishing both tasks is always there. Don't multi task if you get confused by doing it because sometimes the willingness to save more time by doing multiple things ends up on tragedy and not accomplishing anything.

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