May 23, 2016



You are the one who gives a meaning to an event that happens around you. It is up to you how you give meanings to different situations. And whatever meaning you give, it will affect your life and emotions. Anyone can give a different meaning to what is happening around, some gives a bad meaning while some gives a good meaning. How you see it on the outside is how you will feel on the inside so be careful on giving meaning to different things, it can make your life better or bitter.

If someone cuts you in a traffic, what meaning will you give into that event? Some people will get mad and instigate a fight, they will cause a heavier traffic and it can be even more than that. If fighting occurs then someone might get hurt and hospitalized. I am not being negative but those are the things that usually happens when fighting happens. Some people will just let it go, if someone cuts them they will be patient and just keep their focus on driving. For them it is normal that there are people who were so undisciplined and there is nothing you can do about it. They also think that they have better things ahead of them and they are very thankful for having a good life. They knew that if they engaged themselves in a fight, bad things might happened to them and they don't want to get involve in a fight because they always think about their future and their family. In other words they knew that wanting to look brave won't give you any good in life. They don't even want to lower down their level and fight someone who isn't matured enough to do simple things.

If someone cracks a joke on you, I mean a really offensive joke how will you react? are you gonna fight him, are you gonna instigate a fight or are you just going to keep quiet? Some people will fight back or even crack a more offensive joke until the fight happens. Some people will just keep quiet and keep their cool because they don't give meaning to a particular joke no matter how offensive it was. And besides you don't even know the real intention of the joker, he just maybe wants to make people laugh because the situation is getting boring or he just wants to open a conversation with you. Some people don't know that they were being offensive until someone tells them so. It is a matter of how you look at the situation and give meaning to it. If you will think that the joke was just a joke and nothing more than that then you will be fine or you will even laugh. But if you think that the joke was offensive then you might get violent and create some trouble, who is the loser in the end? who will look like an uneducated person?

A person can have a power over you if you give them, same as the situation. You are the only one who gives power to anything or anyone because you feel bad. Your emotion is controlling you and not them. If you can focus on other things then those people or circumstances will have no meaning, it will have no power at all. If you find yourself feeling bad at anyone or anything just reframe your mind and focus on the other things, just let go of that thought and just shrug it off.

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