May 08, 2016


if you did a lot of work you have the right to brag - rugged breed

If you are just one of those guys who were just good in talking and the action is missing then just shut up. You don't have the right to complain about anything or grab a certain level of power. Even if you control them for some times they will still feel that you are just purely talking and cannot execute any positive action for the group. They will see that you are not a contributor, they will fell that you are a fraud.

Some guys thought that they can control a group with just the use of their mouth. They will just pretend that they were good or experienced enough to lead. They will even pretend that they were brave and will even bully some members of the group so they will look smart and capable. If you've meet a person like this then you should not believe him because only the person who works the hardest have the right to brag or control some level of power. The hardest workers are reliable and the most deserving person to trust.

If you work harder then anybody else then you have the power to control the group or at least have a special treatment. It is because the operation will not operate without you. You've already exerted a lot of energy and did a lot of things for the group. Don't forget that you deserve some respect, if there is someone who is lazy and acting like he is the king then make him realize that he's just a clown. Ask him what he did to the group and what are his capabilities. Tell him that don't act like you are the ruler because the group can operate without you. This person will keep quiet and maybe disappear because the truth spikes him in his ass.

You don't have to tell everyone that you are the hardest worker and they need to respect you. They will feel it naturally, they will not be as good as now without your efforts and sacrifice so they know that you are one of the most important person in the group. Absent once and they will feel incomplete and weak.

This is the best way to control the power of a group, work the hardest and memorize what is going on, you should know a lot of things and you should do a lot of work so they will miss you when you're not around. Let them feel that they can't win without you, lead them and take responsibility. make them realize that you are irreplaceable and you are one of a kind.

People who were just good in talking can also lead but for just a short period of time, his members will get sick and tired of his bossy tactics and they will discover that this leader cannot even do a simple task so they will not follow him anymore. A good leader must be the strongest worker, it is not just purely about commanding and sitting around. The effort should also become evident to everyone so everyone will be inspired to work and follow their leader.

If you want to lead then your work ethic must be on a sky level. You should outwork everyone and inspire them to work hard too.

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