May 19, 2016


Love doesn't go away forever, sometimes it weakens a little bit but it never leaves forever. Sometimes you think that love isn't there anymore because you are not getting the emotions that you use to feel before, but it is still there, you just have to trust it. I am talking about any kind of love. Love in a relationship, love in sport, love in art, love in studying and any other kinds of love.

Love is the only thing that never dies, it may fade a little bit but it can become strong again by doing some things or doing some adjustments. Always remember that love is also a work, it should not be taken for granted. Love needs sacrifice and love isn't just purely feeling good, love is also incorporated with pain and it is not just pure fantasies.

If you want to retain love you should be ok with feeling some pain and never expect that love will make you happy everyday, don't be fooled by TV shows or movies that once you are in love then you will be happy forever, it only happens on comic books or children stories. Love is something to be nurtured and to be given attention. You can retain it forever if you are willing to do the work to retain it and have the right mindset to keep it forever.

1. Do something different - you think that love is lost because the feeling of something new isn't there anymore. You miss the excitement. Just like in courtship, you get goose bumps when you talk to your crush and ask her for a date but when you already have her for years then the excitement isn't there anymore. You even treat your partner just like an ordinary person. You are not exerting an effort to surprise him/her. There are no more flowers, candles, chocolates, movies, romantic date or anything that can make your partner excited.

If you feel that love is somewhat getting weak and the excitement cannot be felt anymore then do something different, you don't have to do it everyday but at least do something different once a month. You can surprise your partner by giving her simple things. Tell her that she is beautiful if she isn't hearing it anymore for a long time. Kiss her like you used to kiss her when your relationship is still new. Give her a massage, cook for her even if you don't know how to cook. Do something that she hasn't seen before. This not only applies to men, ladies should make an effort too. Men are very easy to pleased, just search for something that make your men feel hot again.

If your love for your hobby is also fading and it feels like you don't want to do it anymore, my advise is don't quit. You just think you don't love it because the repetition on that hobby is too much, you need to do something different that will somewhat bring the excitement again. For example in tennis,
if you feel that you are so sick and tired of playing tennis, you should do something different while playing it. It can be smashing the tennis ball so hard, aiming to dominate your opponent and set a large margin of victory, you can also wear something weird while playing it. Just do something to alter your routine and change the usual habits. This little changes can make a difference. If there is a small change then there is a small feeling that will arise, that little feeling can bring the excitement again, the fire in be revive and your love will survive.

2. Stay with it until the love comes back - if you don't know what to do and you don't want to make an effort all you need to do is stay with it until the love comes back. Even if you really feel out of love, even if you are sick and tired of your partner, even if you are sick and tired of doing your usual routine just stay with it. Love may go but love will come back again if you never leave. All you have to do is wait for it to come back. Just like what I said love doesn't mean always feeling good, you have to stay in love while feeling bad. Because you can't appreciate love if it is just purely about good emotions and kisses and victories. Love is mixed with bad emotions, if you are wishing for a love that is perfect then that love won't come into your life. JUST STAY even if you are not enjoying the love anymore, staying is the only way for the love to come back. Stay even if the kisses and hugs were not that hot anymore, stay even if arguments is making you give up, stay even if you feel like you can't take it anymore. It is just a matter of time before the love comes back again. Don't force it to come, just be patient everyday and you will feel the love coming back again stronger than before.

If the one thing you are passionate about before is not making you excited anymore, you still have to stay. Whether it is in basketball, writing, drawing, singing, painting or any kind of hobby. Even if you don't feel like doing it you still have to continue doing it, even if you feel lazy you must not give up on your hobby because one day the love, the excitement and passion will come back. You just need to understand that you are just a human being and there will be times when you don't want to do it anymore, the reality is you are just tired but the love is still there.

3. Rest if you must but never leave - sometimes all you need is just a breathing room for your love to comeback. You can rest but you should never leave. Stop doing what you love, stop loving but your mind should be fixed that you are still in love. You must not look for other person or other things to love. It's not a cool off, it's not a hiatus. You will just take some time, take some sleep or even take some vacation but it should not take too long. Just give yourself a little time to think and for sure your love will be rejuvenated again.

There are millions of ways to make the love come back, people were just not patient to find a way. The moment they feel bad, the moment they wanted to quit then they will quit. They close their minds, they close their hearts and then they just look for another love. Looking for another love is not the solution because one day when that new love becomes old you will look for another new love again. Yes there is a huge excitement in new things but those excitement will not remain forever, don't look for the excitement instead make the excitement come back again. Make the love come back again.

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