May 26, 2016


how to become special- rugged breed

Being special is what everyone wants. You will be lying if at least once in your life you don't want to become special or you don't want something special. Being special is a special thing, you have the attention, you have the love and you have the special treatment. But what does it take to become special? does it need to have a lot of money? friends? followers?. I don't think so, being special is something that comes out naturally without having to have special things. It will be felt by people who feel that you are special. You don't need to force it, you just have to live it. You are special in a special way and you don't need to prove it to everybody.

Stop thinking that you are special. By doing so, you will have a superiority complex attitude which is not good for your circle. You will be able to do things that you don't usually do. You will be very demanding, lazy and an irritating person because you value so much being special, you think that you deserve a special treatment and if it is not given to you, you will just explode right away. And also by thinking that you are very special, you will be afraid to make mistakes because you have an identity that you are protecting so much.

You think about what people say if you screwed up so you will do the same thing over and over again, you will not take risk, your performance and outputs will look very boring because people have seen those things a million times before.

Stop thinking that you are special, instead think that you are just an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

Stop imitating your idols. There is nothing special about imitation, if you imitate someone then you are not offering the world something that hasn't seen before. Imitating is simply repeating, you're just like a clone of somebody else, you are a weaker version because you're not the original. There is nothing special about imitating somebody because you will never be greater than the person you are imitating. People have already seen what you are doing so you are not an exciting person, all you can offer is a repeated act and nothing more than that. You're like a dog that was trained by a master to repeat his actions and then some people will be happy.

Be original, show the world something unique and mind blowing, always do things that will make you scared if people will like it or not. Take risk and separate yourself from others.

Be expressive - You can't be special if you are not willing to express yourself and emotions. Special people expresses themselves anytime they want. They do it without thinking if people might like them or not. For them, expressing is the only way to show people how good they are. They express themselves exactly the way they feel without over exaggerating or under performing.

Always express yourself, expose your ideas, never hide your intentions. Have you seen a special person who is shy and conservative? There are some special people who were simple but they weren't afraid to show how they feel.

Be natural - Just be yourself, show your natural actions, show your truest you, be sincere because people will see if you are faking something or if you were hiding something. Being genuine and authentic is what makes a person special. You don't need to tweak your actions, you don't need to change they way you speak. Just be natural and appreciation from people will follow.

Do something special - of course you can't be totally special if you can't do something special. That is why special children have specializations, they can do something that other people can't do. If you were not born talented don't worry because you can still do special things, just focus on one thing that you love and repeatedly practice it everyday. Practice and practice until your basic skill become special and something to talk about. Bring your basic skill to the highest level and people cannot ignore you.