May 26, 2016


HE'S SO HIMSELF - rugged breed

I never saw him not in the zone just for once. He's always on fire, he is invincible. He can do anything he want, he do everything he says. He's the man, he is the face of the future. Everybody wants to be like him. He is the best, he is the man of the hour. Everyone talks about him because he can do impossible things, he is more than a human, he is the best if not the greatest, he is number one.

He can pick himself up so fast everytime he fall, he is not afraid to fail, he is always in the moment. Whenever someone says bad things to him he doesn't care at all. He gives no emotions to stupid things, he is cold as ice. He has no conscience, he execute his moves like an animal, he is so true to himself. He embodies greatness, he has his own definition of it. He can take any challenges, he can destroy any obstacles. He has the heart of a warrior and a single mindedness of a champion. You would love to have him on your side because he will never let you down, he will fight until the end. He will accomplished what is ought to be accomplished. Me makes no excuses, he will move even if he is hurt, he will do it even if he feels bad.

I never saw him discouraged just for once, whenever things were difficult, he find ways to overcome it. He is so mentally tough and physically rough. He can make his own rhythm anytime he want, he lead by example and not with the use of his mouth. This guy is one of a kind, he is one in a million, he is so himself. He is the epitome of a person who relies only on his strength. He always look on the inside and he never get some strength from the outside. He can use his strength without being afraid that it will ran out.

He carries himself like nobody does, he has the confidence, the tenacity and the will to win. He can make the impossible possible, he can turn the hopelessness into bravery. All he does were amazing things, he makes mistakes but it never diminishes his confidence. He is just a mortal but he takes risks like he is immortal. Pain is nothing to him, gain is what he is focusing. He will keep pushing even if his world is melting. He silenced the doubters he increased his believers, he control the world without controlling it. He can force the situation to squeeze a little momentum, he loves challenges he doesn't need any  advises.


It's your greater version, it is you if you have the confidence, it is you if you will believe in yourself. This guy is you if you will work hard, it is you if you will make sacrifices. This guy is the one you've been dreaming of to be you for a long time. It is an image of how you wanted to look like and act like.

Now, you see how will you look like if you will trust yourself and stop holding yourself back. YOU CAN OWN THE WORLD if you can build the courage needed to become great. This is just an idea, you can become more if you will think BIG.