May 17, 2016


If you saw someone whose in the same field as yours and you see him doing better than you.. you will immediately belittle yourself and think that he is more gifted or God is unfair, you will even blame your genes for not being the person that you wanted to be. Oh common, are you kidding me? It is not that he is better or life is unfair, it simply means he made more sacrifices than you.

If you are just top 11 in the class do you think the top one is smarter or more blessed than you? If your answer is yes then you are the kind of person who believes in destiny and doesn't believe in hardwork and sacrifices. THAT TOP ONE IS NO BETTER THAN YOU, he just uses his time and energy more efficient than you. If there is an exam that top one will spend his whole week studying and knowing what is needed to be known. And you... what the heck are you doing? you spend most of your time playing PS4 or watching some tv series about zombies and vampires. And now you are making an excuse that the top one is more blessed and smarter than you. Stop making stupid reasons, accept that you are a bum and you don't focused too much on studying that is why you keep on getting low grades.

What if you did the other way? what do you think will happen if you studied for 15 hours a day without stopping? do you think you will get the same grades? This is not about intelligence, this is about diligence. Just use your time wisely and manage all your energies and focus for the right things. I guarantee you that you will get better results and you don't need to get jealous with others' success anymore. You always think someone is better than you but you are not looking at yourself why you are getting poorer results. It is time to think the right way, it is time to do the right things.

You think that the guy is faster than you and he is more genetically blessed than you. You think that his family is composed of athletes that were former champions. Is that what you honestly believed or was that an excuse for your weak performance? Look at the other guy's training and you will see that his routine is harder and longer than you. You will learn that your training is for midgets and for individuals who just wanted to look like an athlete. Now tell me is it about his genes or is it about the weak sacrifices that you made?

A lot of people, when they saw someone stronger than them, they will think that all of the strength in the world was not divided properly. They will think that some people got the larger part of it, they will judge that way but they will not look what they are doing. They will not study their mistakes or shortcomings. They will just make an assumption that life is unfair and some people were lucky because they were genetically blessed. What you need to do is diminish your vices and add more sacrifices.

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