May 14, 2016



If you want to at least stand out then you should trust numbers. If you have the numbers that no one can match then you can gather a lot of attention and also become successful. That is why records are meant to kept. People love records, the universe pays attention to people who can do more. And even if you don't reveal your records you can still thrive because you have an edge to everyone.

Example in marathon. If you are running for 3 hours a day and your competitors were only running 2 hours a day then you already won even if the competition is not yet starting. You have the largest numbers in training hours so you will have more gas in the end. You will never get tired, you will out run them. You will have the strongest stamina so you already have a big advantage. You know in yourself that you will never fall short, you know that you can outlast everyone. Your legs were strong because it was hardened everyday by the number of hours you spend everyday in training.

In volleyball, even if you are not the one who hits the hardest or jump the highest you can still thrive by committing to some numbers that no one can match. It can be practicing basic serving the most, or practicing blocking the most. If you know that you have the highest numbers then your confidence will grow, it will also show in your game, you will improve a lot. You can be the best server or the best blocker if you truly commit to mastering those skills and repeating it over and over again. Those numbers of repetition will make you a genius, it is like executing those moves are automatic to you and you don't even have to think about it. You will never doubt yourself because you were so used to doing those things.

It can also be applied in marketing. If you are in line with cold calling but you don't have the skills to make a sale, you can still succeed. Make the largest number of calls, accept the most number of rejection. You will see in the end that you are selling more than anybody. It is because they were so tired of calling and being rejected. They don't value the numbers, they don't want to try over and over again. They simply want to make a sale. If they can call one hundred people a day then call one thousand people a day, you will see the difference. You put the largest numbers so you will get the biggest result, as simple as that.

So if you are doubting yourself that you cannot succeed just simply trust the numbers. Have the most number of tries, have the most number of failures and you will see the difference. It is just a matter of trying over and over again until you succeed. REPETITION not talent is the key to success.

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