May 16, 2016


What is a freight train mentality?

It is attacking without conscience regardless if someone will be affected or not. It is honestly knowing that you can do it regardless of what people say.

If you know you can do it you will just do it, even if someone tells you to stop you will still do it. Even if someone advises you that you should do this or you should do that you will still do what you feel you can do. You don't hear anyone, you just hear your heart. It is not that you were selfish or something, you just want to win using your own strength.

You feel invincible, you feel unstoppable. It is not about being reckless, arrogant or stupid. You are just confident and you know you can succeed. It is like in are in a fastbreak situation, you are dribbling the ball so fast, you don't care if someone will stop you, you are full speed ahead and you will use all your strength to shoot the ball. You are like a suicide bomber and you will explode at any given time. The only way they can stop you is they have to stop your heart.

A freight train mentality is a very good mentality, people who have this mentality usually succeed in all level at any type of field. This is not natural, it is to be developed. You just attack, attack and attack. There is no hesitation nor procrastination. You don't think twice, you are very single minded and being successful is your only option. You are only heading in one direction, no U-turns, no reverse, no left turn or right turn. You are like a rocket that keeps on soaring and elevating until you reach the point of your destination.

I usually see this from people who were so sick and tired of losing, who were holding back themselves for so long. They come to the point where they really wanted to express themselves and do whatever it takes to win. They never care, they only dare. Their desire were burning like hell. Their eyes were on fire and their energies were very evident. Their presence cannot be ignored because they were like men on a mission. They can command the situation and become a huge impact of anyone's decision.

Anyone can have this type on mentality but just like I said courage is the number one ingredient and having the ability to become hurt. You shouldn't be afraid of pain, you shouldn't be afraid of falling. It looks like simple but if it is easy then everybody will choose to have this type of mentality. Everyone will become aggressive and everyone will thrive but the reality is you have to work for it and not just wish for it.

You should have a lot of experience, you should have a lot of experimenting and testing going on in your life. Sometimes you really need to fail over and over again because those failures will serve as the fuel for a freight train mentality.

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