May 29, 2016


I don't know why there are lot of people who were a big fan of freebies. They think they get something but if you will look very closely on what is behind it, it really gives you nothing. The use of freebies is mainly for marketing, you thought you get something for free but the one who gives freebies is the one who gets more. It is like giving a free taste from a certain product, you love it because it's free and of course you will try it. The one who gives freebies is the one who is the more winner because his product is advertised very well and for sure you will buy his product again if you like it.

You fall into the trap, sometimes there were some marketing tactics that will give you some freebies if you buy their products, of course you will buy it even if it is expensive because you want the free items that the product offers. You thought you gain something but you really did not. You only waste money for some things that you really don't need just for the sake of having those free items, and soon you will see that those free items were just making your house dirtier because those were useless. Who is the winner now?

Some people always ask for free items or free money. I don't know what is the reason behind it. They love getting things fast and without working, they don't want to sweat or get tired. They love to get something without exerting any effort at all.

The more you ask for free things or free money, the more you become poorer. 

Maybe you are wondering why getting things for free will make you poorer. The answer is very simple, it is because you don't want to work anymore, you just want to get things for free. You are so focused on getting free things and not on working to have the things that you want. The bad thing about getting things or money for free is... it only comes occasionally, it never comes on a regular basis. You build a habit of just waiting for something to arrive in your life and the sad thing about it is... it doesn't come everyday.

You will also become very dependent on people who were giving you freebies. You will always wait for what they will give, you lose your independent will to get things on your own. You will look like a dog whose just waiting for the food prepared by its master.

You're like a useless person if you only ask for free things. You will not be able to develop skills for survival. You cannot improvise if you needed something right away because you want things handed to you easily. You'r like a king that has no power.

And even is someone is supporting you regularly, don't feel lucky because once that support was cut... you will feel like your life was taken away from you.