May 21, 2016


how to beat sleepiness - rugged breed

Being sleepy is really irritating especially if you have a work to do and you must finish it right away. Your productivity is diminished and the accuracy of your work is very low. The only thing that is in your mind is to lie on your bed, hug your pillows and sleep like a sleeping beauty, that state of mind makes you very ineffective. It is like your mind is having a war inside, the thought of wanting to sleep and the thought of wanting to work is killing each other.

It is really hard to escape sleepiness, you feel like you are paralyzed. You can move but not a lot, you can think but not a lot. You're like a zombie who is about to die in just a few minutes. There are some ways to fight sleepiness. Every person has his own way of fighting sleepiness, some people rely on drugs or energy drink or something. Some people abuses coffee too much which makes them very hyper but be careful... Relying on caffeine or energy drinks or any kind of substance that has caffeine will give you side effects. Your body will rely on those products and it will not give good effects on your body. You will submit your strength to those substances and you cannot live without those anymore. You will be addicted and time will come that those substances cannot help you anymore but it damaged a lot in your system.

I know some natural ways to fight sleeping, this is not for everyone but I've tested it and it's good for me. Your health will not be affected because these are natural ways. No substance, no money needed. Just pure natural and some willpower.

1. Exercise a bit - This is a good way to defeat sleepiness. If you are in your cubicle and your eyes were so heavy, move a little bit, move your feet, you can move it even if you are sitting. Stretch your arms, stretch it for so long and then rotate your head. Find ways how to move without standing. If you can walk then it is much better, walk for a few minutes. You need to make your blood circulate in your head so sleepiness will go away and this can be achieved through movement. Just move your arms and your feet the way you can move it, do it for a few minutes and you will see that your normal energy is coming back to your body.

2. Take a bath - if you are just at your home then you can take a bath. Take a shower, this will remove the heavy feelings inside of you. What is the first thing you do before going to work? taking a bath right? taking a bath will trick your mind and it will think that you are just starting your day. You will feel energized after taking a bath, you will feel fresh and wanting to work again. The bad energies will be dusted off and the power in your body will be restored.

3. Pinch yourself/instill a little pain - if you cannot take a bath because you are in the office or you don't want to make movements in your cubicle because you don't want to look weird then pinching yourself or instilling a little pain will be good for you. Your mind will become alert once you feel a little pain because it will sense danger. Much pain much better but make sure you won't bleed or you don't injure yourself. You can even scald yourself a little bit with hot coffee but make sure the burn is just a little because you might not be able to work for that day if the pain is too high.

4. Think of bad things that may happen to you - this one is a killer. Think of negative things that may happen to you if you don't work. Things like you might get fired in your job, no food on your table, being poor, looking like a dumb etc. Negative thoughts are good motivators if used in the right way. a little bit of imagination is needed, once you feel the fear caused by a negative thought then your brain will become alert again and ready for work again.

It much much better to use natural ways to stop sleepiness instead of using any kinds of drugs or energy drinks. Nothing will be damaged in your system and you will power will become stronger.

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