May 28, 2016


Accept that time is fast and time is moving, accept that there are some things that you can't do anymore. Even if you drink all the water in the fountain of youth and do yoga all day, you can't still beat change.

You are totally grown up or you already knew the meaning of life if you can accept that there are some things that you can't do anymore because of aging or some change of events. There are things that you can control before that you cannot control anymore. It's not that you are becoming weak or your power is diminishing, it just happens that change forces to changed you.

If you were some kind of a beast from the past or let's say a dominant person who can do a lot of things and can accomplish a lot of achievements... If you can no longer do what you used to do from the past, just accept it.  Life is always changing, you cannot stop it nor postponed it. You need to adopt to change or else you will live a miserable life and you will always be left behind.

I used to at least grab the basketball ring before with my both hands, back when I was only at my early 20's but now I am having a difficulty touching it with even just one hand. I don't know, I think aging plays a big role, my knees were somewhat feeling weak, there were some joints cracking when I am jumping, I am somehow afraid but I also began to realized that I shouldn't be scared because it is normal. Everyone will experienced what I've experienced, even the strongest and the most elite athletes have arrived at this stage. "YOU'RE A BEAST BEFORE, YOU'RE A BEAST NO MORE".

I accept the fact that there are some things that I cannot do anymore but I don't accept the fact that I can no longer become effective. My sport is basketball, I use my high leaping ability to dominate the game, I am not that tall but I can beat taller opponents because of my jumping ability. I can block taller opponents, steal the rebound from them, layup the ball as high as possible so no one can block it, I really have a lot of advantage by jumping high.

But things have changed but I don't have a hard time accepting it. What I do is I find ways how to become very effective with other things. I developed some moves that will make me stay in the game and still playing it at the highest level. I never let my self out of shape so I can still run fast, I developed some muscles to at least have an edge in strength aspects. I found that even if you become weak at some things you can become stronger on other things.

Some people were having a hard time in coping with life because it is hard for them to accept change. They were so hooked from the past, from the time where they were the kings and no one can touch them. When things have changed and they found out that they don't have the same power... they freak out and begin to escape from reality.

Some guys who were very strong from the past were very insecure with the young ones that are budding superstars. They cannot accept that someone is replacing their throne. They start to build an unhealthy competition with the younger ones which is not needed. The want to prove that they were still the kings and when they fail... they cannot accept it, they get depressed and they will heat up the competition even more.

If you were rich before and you can buy a lot of things then suddenly your life was downgraded for whatever reasons... you need to accept that you don't have a lot of money anymore. Some people still act as if they have the same amount of money when they were still rich. They still buy expensive clothes, eat in a fancy restaurant, they cannot control their pride which makes them even broke in the end.

Just forget what you can't do anymore and find some other things that you can do. The good thing about losing some power is another power will replaced what was lost. You can do some other things, it can be even better than what you use to do before. Try something new, instead of focusing on what you can't do, find some aspects in your game or life which you can improve. You can come back stronger again but your strength is different from what was before. You will become a different person but it doesn't mean that you've become weak. You just make some adjustments in your life and this time you are more effective because you've learn a lot of lessons.