May 16, 2016



Never give up on a business just because it is not giving you big money anymore. For as long as it is giving you something, for as long as it is giving you a profit and not debts, squeeze it, use it and never give up on it. There will always be times when the situation is really tough, there will be times when you will ask yourself "is it worth it to continue?", if you are still getting a benefit why not? Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring, your business can become strong again tomorrow. If not strong again then it is still ok because you are still getting money. Yes, having a small profit is like a bitter pill to swallow. You work so hard but the benefits is not paralleled to the efforts that you exerted. It's tough but the good thing is you are still getting something. Keep squeezing until there is nothing more left to squeeze. Never give up on something that is still giving you something.

Keep squeezing, keep getting something small. Always remember that not all times are good times, there will be times when it is like famine, it is like having a small glass of water in the middle of the dessert. But that's how life works, it is not Christmas everyday. You are still blessed if you still have something to squeeze and there are still juices that is coming out.

I guess this is how life really works. No matter how hard you squeeze there will be times when the world will give you less. It is like milking a cow, there will be days when you can get 12 pails of milk but there will be days when no matter how hard you squeeze the teats of the cow, you still can't get a lot from it.

There will be times when no matter how hard you push you still can't pull something, you will think that you are being cursed. But that is ok, what matters is you are doing the right thing. What matters is you are on the right track, it is just a matter of time before something comes out.

You can't stop squeezing or else you will get nothing. It is the rule of life, you still have to work even if you have no work. You still have to find work even if there is no one accepting you. Because if you don't move, opportunities will not be seen. If you will not move then there will be no momentum and momentum is the only way to get results. So if you've seen someone working but not getting results, never questioned him. It only means he knew how life works, it is about willing to work without expecting rewards. Because you don't need to expect rewards, it will come naturally in the end. You don't have to wish for it, you don't have to pray for it. If you put the work then the reward is guaranteed.

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