May 18, 2016


In an interview you should be able to impress the interviewer and make him believe that you possess something unique from others and you must convince him that you have special skills that are very hard to ignore. You must dress like a super professional that knows what he is doing. You must standout from others and you should have the killer instinct. Make the interviewer very interested in you.

Tell them you work like an animal and you are ok with being underpaid.
Companies love slavery, they love to see people working more than they were getting paid for. The interviewer is thinking like "oh this one is a gem". Once he heard you that you are willing to get underpaid, I am very sure he will put you on top of the list. Companies were always cost cutting and they will look for employees that are willing to work hard and will not stop until they said so. Tell the interviewer that you are a workhorse, tell him you can work for 10 hours straight without taking a break. That guy will be impressed and maybe he will let you start right away.

If they ask your edge from the other applicants tell them you don't need any supervision
Companies hates inexperience people. Tell them that you know everything they need and your mind is like a sponge that can absorb anything. Tell them that you don't need supervision and you only need the basic instructions and you can perform the job. He will be impressed with your confidence and he will think tat you are very experienced. Anyway, you can still ask your supervisor when you don't know something the moment you were already hired and doing the job.

Tell them that you are very easy to work with and you hate being late
Letting them know that you are punctual means you are a true professional and you are serious with your work. Companies love professionalism and they value punctuality too much.They don't want any second being wasted by people who were always late. They don't want to pay employees who were working undertime. For them every second must produce a production. That is why they hate an employee who is always late and they look for ways to fire him. Companies also love workers who are easy to talk with and can handle criticisms. Tell the interviewer that you are very good in bonding with different people so he will know that you will have no problems working with different people once you are hired for the job.

Tell them your plans
Tell them that you are willing to give a lot of time for the company and you want to grow with it. Tell them how bad do you want to work for the company because you are planning to grow old there and get a high position. Tell them all your plans and those plans should benefit the company otherwise you will not be hired.

Basically that's it. You don't need to look genius in a job interview, you just need to convince the interviewer that you are a true professional, you can do the job and you will follow the rules of the company. No need for so much lies, just be true to yourself  and make them feel that you really want the job and you are willing to die for it. And one more thing, wear your mist extravagant clothes and cleanest shoes.

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