May 15, 2016


find the dysfunction and go to the opposite direction - rugged breed

If you are still lost and cannot find what is it that will make you successful in life or at least will make your life better then my advice to you is find the dysfunction and go for the opposite direction.

Look at your life, what is the dysfunction? do you have dysfunctional friends that are putting you down, making you feel unworthy and not a good person? if you have then go to the opposite of them. In other words never go with them, get rid of them. You will find the true friends if you are true to yourself. Even if you don't admit it because you love your dysfunctional friends so much, they were the culprit of you not having a good life. They pull you down and they don't want you to be above them. They were like leeches that are sucking your blood until you die.

Do you also have dysfunctional habits? habits like staying in facebook for 7 hours liking other people's post and also waiting for your post to be liked. Are you the kind of person who watches TV for 5 straight hours even though you have a job to do? Do you prioritized your laziness first before exercise and finishing your household chores? if you are doing all of these bullshit stuffs then you should go to the opposite direction right away. Go while you can still go, don't wait before it's too late and you cannot leave your bad habits anymore. If you will not remove your bad habits now you will get addicted to those and it will swallow you alive.

Do you have a dysfunctional mindset? do you always think about negative things? do you always worry about something that will not even harm you? do you feel like you are not deserving of having a life that you really want? Do you always think that you will fail even if you haven't started yet? If you have an ugly mindset like this then you should go to the opposite direction. Change your way of thinking, always think positive. If you cannot think positive things then never think at all just to stop entertaining negative thoughts in your head.

Very simple isn't it? just find the dysfunction and admitting that you have it and getting rid of it will make your life better. Not all life is perfect, I am not saying that you should be a perfect person to have a better life. You can still have negative things going in with your life but eliminate the most dysfunctional things so you can have a better life.

It is not easy to get rid of the dysfunctionalities in your life, it will take time but once you did it...KABOOM your improvement will be skyrocket. Of course you will be stressed at first but once you get used to it then the rest will be so much easier.

Bad habits, bad friends and bad thoughts are the things that is stopping you from changing. Make a conservative effort to at least get rid of the dysfunctionalitites in your life one by one. You cannot remove all of it in just one try, it will take a lot of time. Patience is the key and admitting that you have dysfunctions is the very first step of change.

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