May 19, 2016


before you feel pity on someone know hsi bullshits first- rugged breed

A lot of you believed on people who continually tell their stupid stories, excuses, being treated unfairly, economy is falling, lacking opportunity and any other make believe self pity just to get your sympathy. These people is making dramatic acts to you to get your trust and once you fall into their trap they will discuss what they need. They will make you feel bad if you didn't give them a favor, they will make sure you will be haunted by your conscience if you didn't give them what they want.

Listen to me, never feel pity for someone who doesn't deserve it. And one more thing, a person who has an integrity and self reliance, even if he is suffering he will not do self pity or look for a sympathy. A person with self reliance will not discuss his problems to others instead he will solve it by himself.

So if you are repeatedly being victimized by these people who acts like they were so unfortunate and the world is cruel to them, you should know what the are doing, know if they really deserves a favor. They will tell you that they don't have money and they really need it because they want to make their lives better. Once you lend them money, wait for a couple of days and you will see that they are using your money for useless things. You will see in social media that they were having a vacation or eating in an expensive restaurant. It sucks right? and when the moment come where you are asking for your money back they will not even reply or they will play the victim role again. They will pretend that they were angry because you are collecting the money so fast.

Some people were always asking for help, favor or money but if you will study what they are doing in the past... they were just drinking, partying, being lazy, not working, gambling and any other stupid stuffs that won't contribute to the betterment of their lives. These people feels like they were entitled to get an assistance everytime they need it.

If a person is responsible and has a self reliance then he will not ask for help or favor. He will sacrifice the good things and he will keep on working to improve his life. He will set aside the partying, eating delicious and expensive foods, looking good in social media just to inform the people that he is having a good life and any other stupid stuffs that won't do him any good.

Know what kind of person you are helping. It is right that no man is an island, you too may ask for help in the future but always make sure that the person you wanted to help is deserving and really needs a help.

The ones who deserve help are the ones who work hard, responsible and humble. These are the types of people that needs help but the sad thing is they won't ask for help because they take responsibility for their actions and they were so independent. They believe that they have to do it by themselves because no one will do it for them.

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