May 06, 2016



Loving something will give you reward. Not just money not just things but a reward that is something special...HAPPINESS.

Even if you are just a garbage collector, still love your work. There is nothing wrong with being a garbage collector only foolish people belittle that job. Yes the smell hurts, the cockroaches are everywhere but it's the job that brings food on your table so love it and take care of it. Feel the spoiled foods in your hands, appreciate the shits on your skin, be ok with those things. It is hard to do a job that you don't love so love your work and everything will be easier. Even if it is the hardest job, even if it is the ugliest job love it. Be proud of it and enjoy every second of doing it.

If you love your job, if you enjoy doing it you will easily get promoted because your love will reflect in your work. People will notice how hard you work and how good you work. Your bossy boss will be happy with your performance and he might consider you for promotion. A lot of people who
were relying on your service will be satisfied and you will hear a lot of good feedbacks from them.

No matter what your work is love it because not all people can work. Some people were just lying in their beds doing nothing, some are sick and some are just lazy so it only means you are still lucky for having the capability to work. You are still healthy mentally and physically to work, wasn't that something to be grateful? So even if your work is hard and is giving you not enough money love it still. Because you don't know someday your work will be taken away from you. Embrace it while you still have it.

Look at those people who already reached the top..They start to fall out of love with their work, this results to laziness, stress and in the end...failure. They don't appreciate their work anymore and they take it for granted that is why even if they have a lot of money still hate their jobs. They can't find the magic because they curse their work, they feel suffocated so in the end they will pass their resignation papers if not they will be terminated.

There will be times when you don't want to work anymore because of fatigue and stress but always remember that you are not the only one who feels stress. You are not the only one who feels bad. Some people are even having tougher times than you but they were still doing great so you don't have the right to complain about anything. Work will be harder if you are cursing it. You will feel like you are dragging yourself if you can't learn how to be happy with your work.

If you fall out of love with your work it is duty to bring back the love. Remember the day when you were just starting, remember your first day of work it is exciting right? Remember your first pay day, what did you buy? Remember all the fun times and the hard times. Find ways how to bring back the love, it can come from the people around you or giving yourself a challenge to do a better work everyday. It is fun to work especially if you will learn how to love what you are doing.

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