May 26, 2016


execute your own and natural move - rugged breed

Each one of us has a natural move that no one can copy. It is a move that was ingrained in our system since the day we were born. That move was not forced, it comes out naturally, it is genuine and very hard to emulate by other people. Your move comes from your genes and it was designated only for you. Be proud of your own natural move because that move is the rightest thing to do at any given moment.

You don't even need to think about it because your emotion dictates your body what it needs to do. Don't be conscious about how your move looks like because it looks good for as long as you are not thinking about it. The moment you think about how your move looks like then that is the time it will look ugly because it isn't natural anymore. Stop thinking about how you look and just focus on how you feel, always feel good because everytime you feel good, your move will become smoother.

Execute your own move everytime you need it in doing something. It can be on dancing, singing, making an art, public speaking, debate, sports etc. You don't need to know what is your natural move because it comes out naturally, it shouldn't be guarded, it shouldn't be mastered. Your body and mind already knew what is the type of move needed for the moment.

If you are executing your natural move many people will like you and they will be impressed in what you are doing. They will say "this guy is something". They will appreciate your uniqueness and being free to express yourself. People will feel that you are very loose and you are in complete command of yourself. Your energy is very positive and contagious.

Always feel natural. Never think that someone is watching you or else you will make a move that is not parallel to your personality. Never think that your move is wrong or you look stupid because your mind will give you the move that it is thinking. Just feel at ease with yourself, feel comfortable and always feel free to execute any move.

There is no awkward move. For some, your move may look awkward but the reality is not. It simply means you have a very unique type of move, they rarely see something like you that is why for them you look awkward. Every move made naturally is the right move regardless of the way it looks. If someone is correcting your move just tell him "Sorry but I love the way I move".

Never copy someone's move. It is ok to idolized someone but never copy his move, you can get an inspiration but you should stick to yours. Your move can be even greater than your idol's move so just use what is yours and forget about emulating someone's move no matter how popular that person is. If you copy someone's move then you are not being yourself anymore and your own unique move will not reach it's full potential.