May 06, 2016



The reason why your life hasn't change yet or you can't make a progress is because you are practicing excuses that you think is not an excuse. Or maybe you are just using these excuses to make yourself feel that you are doing the right thing and you are on the right path. There are millions of activities that people are engaging with to make themselves feel that they were ok and they were progressing but the reality is not. Here are some of the excuses that looks good to to other people:

1. Reading a lot of useless books - yeah reading books is good if what you are reading is helpful and is related to your progress. But what if not? reading a lot of useless books is still a waste of time. Does reading the whole episode of books about witches helps you? Does reading a lot of pocket books about romance helps you? Did you became wiser when you buy all the versions of books about wolves and vampires? It's not bad to read some books that you want but not to the point where you become addicted to them and you waste a lot of time and money. You have a reading glass because your eyes became blurry by reading a lot of books but the question is what kind of books? if you will destroy your eyes by reading a lot of books then destroy it by reading the useful ones and the ones that will help you in your career. You look like a nerd by reading a lot of books but did you learn something?

2. Helping a friend - When your friend calls you and he tells you that he needs a companion to help him buy a cellphone, you will immediately tell your mom that you want to help your bestfriend. You will tell your mom that it is related to your project. And wow! your mom believes you and she even gave you some money. You look good to your bestfriend but the reality is you are really bad. You have projects to do and yet you prioritized helping your friend for nonsense things. He can do that by himself. You do it because you want to delay doing your project because you feel lazy. Goodluck to your project I hope you get a good grade.

3. Studying another course - You are studying another course because you said that the first course you take is not in demand anymore so you can't find a job. Wow!!! Congratulations, your excuse is effective again. Is it really hard to find a job or you were just lazy looking for a job? You just want to take another course so people will believe that you love to study and you were preparing so well. You deceive the people again. You look good into their eyes again but deep inside you know that you are just fooling yourself. It is not about the course you take, it is about how hard you look for a job.

4. Waiting for a call -  you resign to your job because you are waiting for a call. What call? you said an offer from abroad. WOW! can't you still work while waiting? This is another unacceptable excuse that most people use. They stop working because they were waiting for something good. What if your telephone didn't ring?

People were really good in making excuses. Some excuses were obvious and some really looks good to other people. An excuse is still an excuse, it delays the progress and it puts you one step backward.