May 14, 2016



If someone is telling you that what you are doing is not right but you tested it already that it works then don't listen to him. There are lot of wannabes out there who knows what is best for you but in reality is they don't even know what is best for themselves. They just want to let you know that they know something so you will be impressed at them.

For example in martial arts, some people will tell you the right way of kicking, the right way of punching and they will also stop you from using your own style. They will point out what is wrong in your way of doing things and will tell you another way. But what if their way is not appealing to you? what if their techniques is not making you feel good? it simply means you don't like it and you don't want to try it.

There are millions of ways of doing things so never limit yourself to possibilities, you can create your own style even if your style looks awkward and weird to others. You can even teach your own technique to others if they want it. Once you feel that your way is effective and is making you an advantage then go ahead and repeat it over and over again. Don't be afraid to show it to the world because it comes from your true self. It doesn't matter if it looks ugly to others for as long as it looks good to you. What matters is your style is effective for you and it makes you succeed.

All popular techniques were created by people who want to express themselves without asking for anyone's permission. They just use their own techniques, practice it everyday and then it become known to others. They believe that what they are doing can become very effective and it can also become a big contribution. They don't care of how it looks, they don't care if it will not be written on the books.

If you have a style that you want to develop and master then don't be afraid to introduce it. Be happy using it everyday and don't be afraid of critics. Gathering a lot of attention simply means you have something that they don't have. If they mock you, it only means they were jealous of you because you were so original and authentic. A lot of people nowadays cannot develop their own style because they were so afraid of what people might say, they just kept their ideas inside of them until those ideas were forgotten.

Keep in mind that an ugly move is beautiful if it is effective. A beautiful move is ugly if it is defective. Just do what makes you feel good and keep doing it regardless of what people say.

Also keep in mind that your technique may not be effective for now but if you keep on doing it everyday and making a commitment to master it then one day your technique will become popular and others will also use it. They will kneel to you and ask you to teach them.

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