May 17, 2016


Who says you can't sing? Everyone can sing, even the person with the ugliest voice can sing. And by the way, ugliness was only invented by judgemental people who thinks that the way they see the world is the only right way.

Pick a song and sing it passionately, feel the lyrics, sing like nobody is listening and you will see that there will be some people who will like your performance. It is because your heart was into the song and you sang it passionately. Yes it is hard to sing with lot of people listening to you but my point here is once you sing the song with your best and with the mentality that you don't need to please people then your performance will somehow be felt by some people, not all people will be amazed at you but some people will feel something about the way you sing.

Some good singers were having a bad performance because the neediness to please people is always there, they always feel the pressure when singing.  They think about "what if they don't like my performance?, what if people boo me?". They entertain negative thought in their heads. Usually this happens to singers who were auditioning for some singing contest like american idol or whatever. They need do please the judges that is why their true talents cannot come out. They don't even have the right to choose their own song because sometimes it was picked buy the judges. They do not sing naturally, they were forced to become someone who they aren't.

Choose the song that you wanted to sing, never sing a song that you don't like just for the sake of pleasing people because you will not feel the song and you will not establish a connection with the song. You will sing it with lesser emotions and your performance will be awkward. It is like reciting some notes without a soul.

Everyone can sing because there are no rules in singing. There are no tones that are required when you sing a song. You can even composed your own song, in that way you can truly expressed yourself to the fullest. Stop caring if you have an ugly voice, the important thing here is you want to express yourself and you are happy singing.

What is wrong in singing is the desire to please people. If your intention in singing is to make money then you are not a singer, you are a businessman. True singers are the ones who always sing even if there are no people liking their voice and even if there is no money entering their pockets.

There are singers who doesn't have an extraordinary voice but were loved my many. It is because they sing with their hearts and they only sing the songs that they love. People will notice if you are singing with your heart, they will feel it in your voice even if you are out of tune or your voice sounds like a frog. You can touch their hearts if you sing with your heart.

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