May 20, 2016


The world is now poisoned by people who loves to talk and make predictions about themselves or the success that they envisioned. Some people still believe them because those people were easily fooled by their sweet talking and flowery words. People who them believe have no confidence or own goal that is why they believe on something very easily, they were just spectators and not executers.

Well everybody can talk, I can say that I will buy a sports car in three months and some people will believe me. Everybody can say that they will do their best and become rich this year. Anyone can say that he will make a tremendous improvement on his health by jogging everyday but you will see that he will only try it for three days and then he is back on his old habits again, what a false messiah.

You can make people believe by saying good things about yourself, yes they will believe you, even if you knew honestly in yourself that you are just lying or you are just trying to impress people so you will feel good about yourself.

To make the story short my point here is everybody can talk and be proud of himself but the question is are you really going to do it? are you really going to achieve it? you've been shaking the world of social media and self proclaiming that you are the best or you will become the best but is that proclamation really true? do you will really stand up for what you've promised? Talking is one million times easier than doing. Even the parrots can talk, even the mentally ill person can talk. What is difficult about talking?, even the babies can talk.

It is better to do the talking in your head, keep repeating it and then move right away. Execute and make little progress. Just repeat the thought in your head about your dreams, keep thinking about it everyday, don't talk about it to anyone, talk it to yourself and do it. This kind of style will take away the pressure in you.

Most people got freezed after talking about their ideas and dreams because being arrogant and showmanship comes first, when the proving is needed to be done...what did they do? NOTHING. It is just pure talk and nothing more than that, these people were just good in using their saliva, they cannot use their whole body to do the work. They really feel good in making people believe that they were good and they are supposed to become great but when the evidence is needed to show, they cannot produce one.

I am not saying that talking is bad and telling the world about your dreams is bad, if you can back it up then why not talk? There were only few people who can really do what they tell they will do, VERY FEW and if you're not the type of person who will do what he says then just shut up. You are just making your self look stupid because in the end people will learn that you're just a man who can talk. You're like a preacher who preaches the wrong things.

It is better to just shut up and do what you wanted to do, after all you can talk all day if you become successful. If they see the evidence then there is no need for talking.

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