May 22, 2016


Enjoying a negative emotion is a one great skill that is very hard to master but for me is the most important skill that you should master if you want to succeed. Because negative emotions will always appear in everyday life and the only way to get rid of it is don't get rid of it right away, enjoy it until it becomes a positive emotion. Every negativity has an equal positivity so enjoy every emotion that you have because it is a part of who you are at the moment and who you are going to be in the future.

ENJOY SWEATING - yeah it really sucks running everyday, doing some drills, lifting heavy weights. It is really hard and is not fun but once you get use to it your joy is unlimited. Exercise is the best medicine. Exercise will give you joy that you cannot explain especially when you sweat a lot, your body will secret hormones or glands or whatever is the right term for it. Your body will feel great, you will feel young again. It is because you learn how to enjoy the negative emotion you get in the beginning and you now enjoy the positive emotion in the end. Not only sweating in physical activities but also sweat for your goals, enjoy the hardships, enjoy taking one step at a time. Enjoy sweating for every opportunity that you can take. Sweating is also succeeding, every drop of sweat is taking you closer to the place you want to be.

SACRIFICE - for every sacrifice that you made there is an equivalent reward. It sucks when you have to do extra work instead of hanging out with your friends, it sucks when you have to turn off the TV and give more time to your studies. It sucks when you have to brush your teeth first even if you were so very sleepy. It sucks when you have to repeat the process again to get more incredible results. Doing sacrifices really sucks, it is hard but if you can't sacrifice then you won't get anything. Big sacrifices will give you bigger prizes. You will be the same person that you were before if you are not willing to take the negative emotion that sacrifice will give to you. Sometimes you will self pity because you can't do the things that you want to do, sometimes you will feel so tired because you are overworked but you have no other choice but to make sacrifices because it is the only way to the top.

PATIENCE - If you can't wait for something until it comes then don't expect that it will arrive someday. You have to enjoy waiting but at the same time also moving, do something to make that waiting shorter. People tends to wait because of the misconception that waiting will give results. You have to wait but you have to produce results. Patience will make you impatient but there are things you really can't control and forced. You have to enjoy being patient because patience will give you a lot of intelligence. Being patient will make you appreciate your journey.

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