May 08, 2016


enjoy the preparation not the victory - rugged breed

If you think of the victory first then your mind is looking too far ahead and you cannot concentrate on the things that you need to do first to become victorious. You will not focus on the training or preparation and you want to go to the final stage so fast. The result is...FAILURE.

If you enjoy the preparation then victory will come naturally, it will come the least you expect it. It will become a habit that you are doing your daily preparation at any given day or time. It doesn't matter if you are winning or not, all you love is doing the things that will make you successful and success is just a bonus. It feels like it is very normal because you already knew that you are going to become successful at any moment because you prepared so much and you know your preparation will reap rewards.

And even if you fail, it still doesn't matter because like what I said... if you are enjoying the preparation then after you fail you will prepare again. Unlike any other people who were so focus on the moment of winning, they want the to succeed right away and when the moment they fail...They will become depressed and they don't want to prepare anymore for the next challenge.

The most beautiful thing about enjoying the preparation is the person you've become, you've become discipline, motivated and your mental strength will go to a different level. Failing is not a big deal to you anymore because for you it is just another normal day and you will focus on what you've learned after failing. You will just shrug it off and you will go back to the drawing board. Restarting is very easy and forgetting about failure is easy as restarting your phone.

Enjoying the preparation means you are trusting the process, it means you are really committed to the journey of becoming successful because you don't feel like you are lacking something. You were satisfied on what you are doing even if you were not getting any rewards. Unlike someone who wants to become popular, rich or great without wanting to sacrifice, if they don't get what they want they will always feel bad and complain about everything. They will always feel like they were losing because they don't have the attitude of a winner, they have an attitude of a shortcutter.

You have to want it so bad but you don't have to want it so fast. You right time will come, you don't have to rush anything. If you honestly know that you take the right steps and you deserve it then you will get it, there is no need to entertain doubts. You are guaranteed of success if you trust the process.

You have to push but you also have to wait. If winning is not meant for you at the moment then it simply means you still have to do something else that will make you a winner next time. Your time will come just enjoy the preparation and have a daily dose of motivation.

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