May 27, 2016



Relying on the last minutes is the stupidest thing to do. Your talents can't save you, your connections won't get it done. Even if you are the best in the world, if you don't give your best in the beginning then it will be very hard for you to give your best in the end. Don't ever feel cocky that you can always make it right in the end. Sometimes you can do it but not all the times you can get away from doing it.

Relying on the last minutes will just make you rush, you will be out on control and you won't be able to perform at your highest level. You will commit a lot of mistakes. Look at some good NBA teams who underestimated their weaker opponents, they don't play hard on the first quarters because they always believed that they can beat their opponent on the last quarter. What happens is the lead of the weaker opponents continue to bubble and when the stronger team decided to go hard on the last few minutes, they cannot do it right anymore. Their minds were rushing, they were worried about losing. They cannot find their rhythm anymore and their confidence starts to go down. On the other hand, the weaker opponent becomes more confident, they were very relaxed and it seems like they cannot commit even a single mistake.

The lesson here is.. In life you cannot win by just working hard in the end, you have to work hard from the very beginning until the end. Just like in doing school projects, you can't be complacent even if you are smart. You can't do your best in the end because you will not be able to do it for sure. The wrong habits were build earlier so don't expect to turn things around so fast because you don't have the right habits to do better in the end.

It applies in every aspect of life, you can't say to yourself "I can afford to become lazy now because I will go hard in the end, I will relax first because I knew I can do it." You are just fooling yourself if this is your philosophy. Nothing great starts at the end, you have to start from the very beginning, sustain your efforts or even surpass it, then finish strong.

Good things about starting early:

• You will have a lot of time to think, you can make adjustments if needed because you already have an idea of what is going on. You can have a lot of breathing room if you finish fast. Good things happen when you start early.

• Your mind will be calm like a buddah, you know you do things right, you know you didn't do shortcuts, your confidence is soaring high, there are lot of information you gather because you've been doing the work from the very start.

• Your will power becomes stronger because the discipline was built, if you have any other tasks to do, you will just do it, your mind turns into auto pilot if you have to do something. You never second thought of doing it. You already forgot the meaning or procrastination.