May 20, 2016


dont be afraid of being last - rugged breed

Even if you were the last one to finish the race, you still finish the race. The important thing is you don't quit and you handle things like a professional, you finish what you've started. You take the long journey and you defeat all adversity.

It is ok if you are the last, it is ok if no awards is not yet given to you, life is not about who is the fastest but who is the toughest. It's ok to be the last if you can outlast.

Most people were so scared to become the last, they thought that being the last means weakness and being incapable of succeeding. They thought that being the last is not something to be proud of. This is a misconception that should be changed. Being the last means you still do what you need to do, it means the willingness to accomplish something is there. It is better to be the last than not finishing at all.

Life is not a race and don't compare yourself to anyone. In your group of friends if you are the last one to finish the college then don't be ashamed of it. What matters is you finished and you also accomplished what others did. If you will always look what is your position or rank in life then you will have a hard time finishing things, especially if your position is behind from many. You will have self pity and you will lose confidence because you will see that others were succeeding and you are not. Just focus on the journey and never mind if you are doing it slow.

If you are the only one in your circle of friends who is not yet rich then don't worry. What matter is you are doing everything to become rich. What matters is you know where you will be headed to. Some people become rich so fast and some can do it in a slow way. All of the things they have, you can have it too for as long as you don't feel envy and you focus on achieving your goals.

A lot of successful people achieved their success on the late days of their lives and it is a sweet success. They never lose hope, they fight till the end, they always knew that they will become successful no matter what. They don't mind if they were the last ones to achieve something because it really doesn't matter, they still get what they want even if it takes longer than others.

I have a friend who does amazing things at the beginning, he was like a maverick and it seems like he cannot make mistake, he is getting all the things he want. He was blazing and was always ranked first at everything but when the going gets tough and he faced some big challenges in life, he doesn't know what to do. He panicked like a maniac because he thinks that his wonderful world is falling apart. This is what will happen when you are getting things so fast, you didn't experienced the hard part in life so if adversity strikes you...YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

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