May 21, 2016



Do your best next time, run harder next time, speak louder next time, beat them next time, express yourself next time, take the last shot next time, ask your boss next time, start the business next time. ALWAYS NEXT TIME and that next time didn't come.

The opportunity you have right now maybe your last so don't feel secured that you can still do it better next time. If giving your best is what you can do then why not do it now? Why wait for tomorrow, why wait for next year? All you have is now, take it and never let it escape.

A lot of young and talented people always refuse to give their best at the moment, they were so scared to push and take chances, they always think that there is still tomorrow and they have plenty of chances ahead of them. Years have passed and they still remain the same person they use to be few years ago. Where did that "I will do my best next time" go? Where are those opportunities that are waiting for them go?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, your chance now maybe your last chance so make the best of it. If you can do your best next time then you can also do it this time so why not do it now?

Once you allow yourself to believe that you will do your best next time then that habit will build and when another opportunity comes... you will say again "I will give my best next time". The cycle will repeat over and over again until you get sick and tired of it and then you will quit. Losing is the only thing that you will get for believing in next time. Regrets will appear during the waiting time for that next time.

The word "next time" is not true, it will never happen because you didn't make it happen now. Next time is a lie that you force yourself to believe in. Next time is an excuse, next time has no direction.

The lesson is this... if there is an opportunity now, grab it and devour it. Give your best even if you are scared. Live in the moment, give all you've got even if success is not guaranteed. If you will fail then fail epicly. Give your best now because even if you fail, the habit of giving your best is already built. If you give your best now then you will give your best again next time, only if opportunity comes back again.

The only way to force yourself to give your best is always think that today is your last chance, always put yourself a pressure to give your best. Always think that there is only NOW, no tomorrow and no yesterday.

Stop believing in fantasies that if it is for you then just wait. That praise is just an excuse to become lazy and have time for relaxation. The waiting game is a game for bumass people, the waiting game is a game that will make you weak and unmotivated. Next time will never come if you wait.

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