May 17, 2016


Your mind is crowded, there is so much going into your head. You were thinking about tomorrow, the bills you have to pay, the endless list of tasks that your boss gave to you, the traffic and of course your relationship with your family. It is really overwhelming, it feels like you're gonna explode isn't it?  Have mercy on your brain, if you keep on entertaining negative thoughts and you always worry then be careful because one day you might get crazy, do you want it to happen to you?

You want to do a lot of things, you want to accomplish a lot but you can only do one thing at a time. You cannot just snap your fingers and everything will be finished. Sometimes you need to practice subtraction and stop addition. Sometimes it is better to degrade rather than to upgrade.

If you feel overwhelmed by the millions of tasks ahead of you and the millions of dreams that you want to accomplished then it is time for you to be realistic and take it one step at a time. Stop feeling like a super hero and remove all the things that stresses you out.

If you have a planner and for one day you have a list of tasks composed of 20 to 30 items, do you think you can do it all? Hey listen, you are not superman, ironman or the flash. You are just a human being so stop punishing yourself. Just do all the most important things to do and that's it. Feel peace of what you've accomplish and appreciate the efforts that you made. Decrease so you will feel the peace.

If you are in a mission of living your life to the fullest because you were attracted by the ideas you saw on facebook that says you should live life to the fullest. And now... you want to really do it so you want to balance work and having fun. You listed a lot of places you wanted to go and you were also dreaming of wanting to become a manager because you were really hooked into the idea of "living life to the fullest". And so what happened is you don't know what to prioritized anymore. You were so hooked to the idea that is why you don't want to miss anything and it results to more stress and unproductive life. You were going to the places that you want but you are not enjoying because there is too much going on. Your work was put in jeopardy because you are putting a weak performance.

There is nothing wrong in having less or doing less for as long as you feel peace. I am not preaching you that you should do less and be lazy, my point here is if your list of tasks is very long and it comes to the point where you can't breathe because of exhaustion then it is time to delete all the tasks that is not healthy for you.

Even if you will lost a lot of money, even if you will lost a lot of friends. If you need to strike out something in your circle then do it. Having too much excess is dangerous, it can ruin your life so be careful.

If you have a lot of debts in credit card, if you have a lot of house loan and car loans and you feel like you will die because you can't pay all of those debts anymore then it is time for you to let go some of it. Don't be scared if people say that you are going broke, don't be afraid if people judge you. The most important thing here is you can have a peace of mind. Just let go of the things that are not serving you. Let go of your pride and ego, prioritize your health first.

That is why sometimes a leave is needed. People need to have room for quiet thinking, People need to feel peace and remove all the toxins in their system so they can come back stronger. You need to have a break so you can think of the things that are really important and the things that you need to remove in your life.

If you have millions of tasks and you don't know what to do anymore just do the first task and forget if you can do the other tasks, just do what you can do. Nevermind if your boss will fire you. Forget if you will miss the deadline. What matters is you are taking action and you are in peace while doing it.


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