May 27, 2016


When you say BURN THE BRIDGES you should never look back, it is an all or nothing journey. You don't have  a choice but to continue what you've started because the option of going back doesn't longer exist. You have to leave your old life and face every new challenges that will come along the way.

When you say burn the bridges, you should cut all of your connections from the past that can make you comeback to your old work, cut the help, cut the security. Take note, you already commit and you say you burn the bridges, you can't return anymore, it is a do or die situation.

But there are people who said that they already burned the bridges but they forgot to throw the ashes. What do I mean by this? they still have a memory of that bridge. They carry the ashes with them on their journey. The remember their old life, they remember the comfort, they remember not being criticized, they remember being safe with food on the table and money in their pockets. It seems like they want to go back to their old lives because they were afraid to continue their journey. They feel regretful about leaving their old and safe lives because they lost everything they have when they burned the bridges. They can't seem to move on, memories of their secured lives from the past always flashes back.

Regrets sets in when they face bigger problems. This is the only reason why people who told themselves they burned the bridges but immediately wanted to go back... they face bigger problems that they don't expect before burning the bridges. They never envisioned that something bad might happened, they were blinded by many stories of "taking the risk and making it big". All they know is they have to step out of their comfort zone, act courageous and then bag the money or whatever it is that they want to achieved. They live in fantasies before they take risks, they were never expecting big challenges, they were so excited and when things don't go their way... they were like babies looking for their moms. They cry, they whine and they always think they shouldn't have make a career move.

They feel they've become greedy and ambitious too much that is why fate is punishing them. They wanted to go back to their simple lives and humble beginnings. They will tell to themselves "If I can only go back, I will never become greedy again and I will just live a simple and normal life."

Know the real meaning of going ALL OUT. Feeling courageous in the beginning but feeling scared in the middle of the journey is just wasting time, for sure you will build a new bridge to go back from where you belong. If you will burn the bridges make sure you will go all out. You will use all your strength, use every motivation that you know to keep going. Endure all the hardships, survive all the challenges, forget the life you leave. Throw all the memories that will remind you about past. Think of everyday as a new day to build something new and something better than the past. If you will set up yourself for a journey, make sure you have the right mindset, a tough mindset that cannot be changed. A mindset that no matter what happens you will get it, it is either you die or you win.