May 24, 2016


build something that last - rugged breed

If you want to have at least a little purpose in this world and if you want to be remembered forever then build something that last. Don't build something that will be remember in just weeks or days. Build something that will create a huge impact everywhere. Build something that will touch the lives of other people. Build an idea that will be remembered forever and will be used for different generations of life.

Most people nowadays were trolling on the internet, they do stupid things that will gather attention. They are not being themselves anymore, they do things just to please people and get some attention and by doing that... They are not being themselves, they are becoming something else. Ok, so they get a million viewers, they amused some people for a while but the biggest question is.... Did what they do gonna last forever? did those stupid stuffs gonna make history? will they be remembered forever? These people whose intention is just to get some attention are just wasting their time. When they grew old and they see what they did from the past...they will tell to themselves "why the hell did I do these stupid things? what did I get from it"

That is why pretty girls who exposes themselves a lot posting some pictures in pretty bikinis or something will soon have a miserable life. They want an easy way to become popular and they do very easy things. They just show their body and everyone will like it, the question is how long will they be able to do it? Ten or 15 years from now and those girls will be forgotten. It is because they do not contribute something to the world. All they do is make people amused for a while and nothing more than that. They will grow older sooner, their skins will become uglier, wrinkles cannot be hidden anymore and there will be no more who will look for them. And the sad thing is...  because they were so addicted to likes and praises, when nobody likes them anymore or when they no longer have a big fan base then they will get depressed and feel bad. That is what pleasing does, that is what looking for appreciation does... it will make you reliable into it and your life is attached into it. When appreciation can no longer be felt, you can't appreciate yourself anymore.

Do something that has a content and not just purely showing skins, doing some crazy steps or making fun of somebody. Create something that even though is not getting a lot of attention now will surely be remembered forever. Do something that you can do forever even if you grow old, do something that will make you proud of yourself. Build something that is very hard to erase and forget by people. Build something that can touch lives.

What are the things that lasts? It maybe a technique, a discipline in martial arts, a useful and passionate song, a book about how to have a better life, an idea, a very useful invention, an original step or anything that will contribute to the improvement of someone's life. Anything that doesn't necessarily amused people but will surely help people. Be a contributor not a clown.