May 16, 2016


Why are you striving to become strong? Do you really need to become strong? if yes then what is the purpose of that objective? people have different reasons why they wanted to become strong, some are for selfish motives and some reasons are really good. Whatever reasons you have you should make sure that it is for positive purposes and not for negative ones.

Do you want to become strong to have revenge at your enemies? Or do you want to become strong because your competing with someone? do you want to become strong because you want other people to see that you were strong so they will become afraid of you? Or do you simply want to become strong because it is a necessity in life.

You need to become strong for yourself, you need to become strong for your family. You don't need to compete with someone because that is pure stupidity. Be strong because you want it and you need it not because you want to prove yourself and look like a God with super powers.

What if the person you are competing with becomes weak? you will stop aiming to become strong anymore or you will look for another nemesis that you can stalk everyday to see what is he doing. Striving to become strong for other people is not healthy. You are giving your strength to them because you do it for them not for you and your family. Yo only do it because you want to impress people, it only means your strength is fake because it is coming from external and not from internal.

Aiming to become strong is good but the intention should also be good. You do it because your body needs it and it's for healthy purposes only not because you only want to look badass or something. Not because you want to have a self image that needs to be respected. Respect is to be earned and not to be imposed. There are strong people in this world who were not respected despite of the strength they have, it is because their attitude is not worth respecting. The were power trippers and not respecting other people, all they know is they wanted to look very scary. I don't know what they get for doing that.

You should lift weights not because you want to look like a body builder and people will become scared of you, you do it because it is healthy and at one point in your life you might need to protect yourself and your family. You might need that strength one day for self defense and not for bullying other people. Having a strength that is connected to bad intentions is not a permanent strength, sooner or later that strength will go away.

You should also find a strong job with strong income because you want to provide a good life for your family. You don't do it because you want to make people jealous of you or praise you. The purpose of your strength should be for protection and not for bad intention.

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