May 06, 2016


be the best, it is the only way to secure a spot - rugged breed

There are more babies born everyday than people dying everyday that is why our world is getting smaller but the people are getting bigger. The conclusion is there are more competitors. Your food on your table can be stolen by anyone. Your position can be replaced by anyone at any given time if you don't wake up and do the right thing. Everything you have can be taken away from you so don't get confident that everything will be fine, if you will not bring your A game then don't be surprised if one day your family is starving in hunger.

There are thousands of stories about a person who works for a company for about 25 years but the company doesn't mind it and he was still fired. Company will never think about how long you've worked for them, they will only think about what is good for them. That is the reality and face it, if you were no longer good and you are unproductive then it means goodbye to you, go for another place where you can earn pretty decent amount of money for working less. Any company will not pay someone who is working less and earning more, that is the rule of thumb.

The only way to secure a position is to become the best. Become the number one and people around you will treat you differently. You will have a special treatment, you can make requests in favor of you because they know you can give high quality service in exchange. Your company will be afraid to lose you because they know they cannot find a spare for you.

Even in recession, even in hard times your company will still take care of you and you will be the last to go if you are the best. That is the only way to secure a spot and nothing else. Companies doesn't care if you work for 50 years or more for them, they only care about what you can give and what can they get from you.

Look at the NBA teams and other sports organization... They were taking care of their star players very much and even babying them, and how about the bench players... they were being traded multiple times because they don't give something special. They were just ordinary people who can be replaced by another ordinary. It is the harsh truth, no matter how kind you are or how nice you are, you are not safe from being removed. You can only become safe if you bring something that is very hard to ignore.

Only the bests are safe, only the greatest can make a request. If you are just an ordinary person with no special qualities then good luck to you, it is very hard to accept but anytime you can be thrown like a garbage without any advance notification from them. It is like "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" with no explanations and no questions entertained.

It is not yet too late, you are not fired yet or traded yet, you still have some time. Make a move now and find a way how to become the best.

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