May 23, 2016


be afraid - rugged breed

Be brave to become afraid. The reason why you are not getting what you want is because you are not willing to become afraid. Not taking chances is not being coward, it is not willing to become afraid. Because the reality is you will only become scared when you are in the situation, you will only feel fear once you are doing the things that you are scared of.

Take riding on a roller coaster as an example, fear only happens when you were on the roller coaster already and not when you are just on the line waiting for your turn. Maybe you were already a little bit scared when you were just on the line but that is not the real fear, that was just a premature fear. The real fear will sink in when you are riding on the roller coaster and you experienced all the loops and fast transition of the ride. But you will also learned that the ride is not all about fear, fear was only in the beginning and it will eventually turn into excitement.

There are millions of quotes and motivational images anywhere that says "Don't be afraid" but did it happened? tell me a person who isn't afraid at all? Tell me a successful person who is fearless and didn't feel any fear at some point in his life. "The quote don't be afraid" is a lie because you cannot control the way you feel but you can manage it. You cannot just tell your emotions "don't scare me, I am brave". You cannot just do that but you can say this to yourself "ok I am afraid but I know I am going to be fine in a moment."

Different types of fears will show on your way especially if you are pursuing something big. The difference between a winner and a loser is winners isn't afraid to become afraid. They embrace fear and they just do it anyway. Because the moment you embrace fear and be ok with it, that is the moment when fear will loses it's power little by little. Fear will diminished when you embrace it and enjoy it. Fear will even scare you if you are not aware of it and you just let emotions control you.

So don't get fooled by the saying "don't be afraid, don't be scared" because that is a lie. And even if you pass the first step, even if you already have a momentum, fear will still surprise you in an unexpected event. It can appear during times when you are very confident, it can appear when you think you are in control. It always appears in an unexpected ways so always be ready to feel fear.

Again don't be afraid to become afraid because being afraid means you have to become aware of yourself, it means you need to take an action and be in the moment. One you are in the moment you will see that fear is not a big deal, fear can be conquered once you feel it and letting it become part of what is happening around.

Be afraid, be scared, admit that you are feeling fear, admit that you are shaking. Admit that you don't want to start, move or speak because of fear. Admit that fear is entering your mind and your body but never let it control you, become ok with it for a moment and let it go. Don't force it to leave you just let it go.

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