May 17, 2016


If you wanted to become a hero make sure you are ready because if not, failure will be the prize. Not just a failure but also a predicted failure. What do I mean by this? people already knew that you were going to fail even before you try. It is seen in your body language, it is seen in the way you speak and present yourself. Fear is all over in your face, being afraid to lose is in your self image. You just want to take the responsibility because you want to get lucky and bring home the bacon, you are really not into winning, you are just relying on the randomness of luck.

If you wanted to become a hero then you should feel like a hero, you should talk like a hero, walk like a hero and breathe like a hero. Never depict a scared image because the situation will eat you alive. The pressure will take control of your actions. Your opponent will treat you like a bitch.

Look at those people who organized a revolt, they do it half heartedly and part of them were scared that is why they end up failing. You should have a big heart if you wanted to become a hero and you must be willing to give everything you've got. A 95 percent effort is not accepted, it is all about winning and not just participating.

A good example is in basketball. A star player and a wanna be star player. Let's compare the two when taking the last shot in a game. The wanna be star player, if you will look at his movements before the shot, everyone already knows that he is going to miss it. His body language is not into winning, he looks so scared and his shot is very ugly, he is in the wrong timing, he may even turn the ball over. You will see that he is just trying to get lucky, he may even pass the ball to his teammate because his heart is pumping like it's going to explode, he cannot take the pressure for so long.

But on the other hand the real star player, he is handling the ball like a monk. He is so calm and nothing bothers him, he is taking his time and he knew when is the right time to make the shot. All of his teammates were expecting that he can make the shot. He is so cool and collective. His movement were calculated and he never look so pressured. He is ready to win and he is not afraid to lose.

If you wanted to become a hero make sure you are not afraid of losing and make sure your heart is into winning because if not, you will look like a douche bag. It is either you win or not, all you need to think is about winning and nothing else. Forget the pressure, forget the people around you and make sure you can take the blame if you let people down.

That is the difference between a hero and a wanna be hero. A hero is willing to give everything he got and he is not thinking about losing although he can accept it. A wannabe hero is playing not to lose, he is so afraid of the moment, he never take his time and he wants to escape the whole situation.

There is nothing wrong if you wanted to become a hero, just make sure you are ready to take the consequences of your action and you are ready to give your life and you are also ready to destroy your reputation.