May 05, 2016


at some point your situation will change - rugged breed

Yeah, I hear you, you've been suffering for months. I know that you are doing the best you can yet the results is not showing itself. I know that you are following the rules of hardwork and you are not cutting corners but your situation hasn't change yet. It is really strange why are not you getting your dreams. You don't know if there is something wrong with you but there isn't. It's just it is not your time yet. But you don't have any choice but to keep working hard until your time comes. If you stop then your time will not come, it will come for others.

Sometimes no matter how hard you prepare and no matter how long you've wait you still can't become successful. Success is very elusive, yes it is. Sometimes it is teasing you, sometimes it is making you give up. Life is unfair and you have to get use to it. There are some people who were not deserving but they are getting what they want. But don't get jealous with them. You will taste your own success at some point in your life. You know you are deserving too so keep believing and prove them that you deserve.

One day you will just laugh at your suffering. One day you will admire yourself because of the perseverance and determination that you show. Only time will tell when you will become successful but one thing is for sure... If you stop now you will not succeed, if you quit now you will regret it forever. You have no choice but to keep on plodding, keep pushing and keep believing. You don't have any other choice but to continue, continue doing what you believe will work even if it seems like it is not working.

At one point in your life you will become successful, I guarantee you that. Tears in your eyes will fall because you finally made it and you were very happy. Your family and friends will celebrate with you. You can finally rest and tell yourself  "I made it".

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