May 13, 2016



Abundance is not about having more it is about feeling more. There are lots of rich people who have more but they still feel less. They have cars, they have millions, they literally have everything but they still feel less. I don't know what is wrong with them maybe they cannot appreciate what they have or they have very high standards that they knew they cannot reach. I know some effective ways that are proven that will make you feel abundant. These are very simple ways and you don't need a lot of money to have this feeling. Just follow these ways and you will feel more with having less.

1. Pay in advance - if you have debts like credit cads, loans, bills etc. you should pay in advance. Pay at least five or ten days in advance of the due date. This will give you a lot of breathing room, this will make you feel better instead of always thinking about the due date. This will also save you from being penalized because most people forgot the due dates of their bills. And sometimes they also use the money reserved for paying the bills so they need to borrow money from somewhere else, this make them feel bad and poor, the feeling of abundance is already broken. If you pay in advance the thorn in your throat will be removed and you will feel like there are more days where you can earn and save money. Stop waiting for the exact date of payment, just pay when you have money. Enjoy paying because it only means you have a lot of money and you know that more money will come into your life.

2. Stop lending money - it's not about being selfish or not compassionate to the people who needs money but let's face the fact that you also need money and you don't have a lot. Everyone is responsible to solve his own problem so if someone comes to you and is making you feel guilty for not lending him some money just ignore it. If you lend others your money and you also need it, you will be the one who will suffer in the end. And the baddest thing about lending others money is you will worry if you will get paid or not. You will think about it everyday especially if the amount is big. Everyone is responsible for their lives, it is their fault if they cannot provide their basic needs.

3. Stop being needy - if you were always in need of something then you will never feel abundant. Always be satisfied of what you have and never buy something that you don't need. All the things you need were already yours, you don't have to feel like you lack something. You can buy things that you want if you have extra money. Being needy means you always need something and you can't live a day without buying it, it will only make your pocket thinner, you will buy a lot of stuffs but in the end you still won't be happy. You won't even know what to do with those stuffs and you won't use those either.

4. Stop borrowing money - you were not allowed to lend money so you were also not allowed to borrow some. It is your responsibility to take care of your budget and be responsible to how you spend. If you borrow money, the person who lend you money will someday collect the money that you borrow and you don't have the money to pay him. It will make you feel bad and scared. It will make you feel poor. Sometimes the lender will even harass you and force you to do things that you don't want. You have no choice but to follow him, this situation will never make you feel abundant, you will experienced self pity and having the lack of power to live peacefully. Stop borrowing money or else people will treat you like a monkey.

5. Stop comparing - Comparing what you have from others will make you feel inadequate. You will always feel the lackness of something. Does it matter if someone's car, cellphone or house is better than yours? If you always compare then you will never reach the point of satisfaction, you will always compare yourself to others even if it is obvious that you have the better things in life. You will be trapped in a state of always comparing and you will never be happy in your life. Just focus on what you have and use it to the fullest, make it grow and make it glow.

6. Give smartly - Of course you can never feel abundance if you were not giving. Giving is different from lending. You give because you want it without any stoppage from your inner self. You give because you think you have more and you only give to people who were deserving. Never give something to people who were just users and will always rely on your generosity. Give to those people who also work hard and has the same vision as yours. Never give to people who were abusive and you know will never get satisfied if only given once. Be smart in giving, choose the people who deserve your generosity. And one more thing, if you give never expect that people will give back to you. That mindset is not an abundant mindset, it is a greedy and selfish mindset.

7. Be appreciative - No matter what you have may it be big or small appreciate it. Becoming appreciative will multiply your assets. If you have an ugly car appreciate it, be thankful for it and soon you will have a nicer car. This is not a joke, being appreciative will take your consciousness to a level of receiving. It means you are open to receiving because you are enjoying what you have. Look at those people who were not satisfied of what they have and always criticizing their own properties, they can never upgrade their lives. Always be appreciative if you have less so you can have more. Look at those successful people, they were always thankful of what they have, they feel good that is why good things were always attracted to them.