May 15, 2016


hesitation will not give any contribution - rugged breed

It is either you do it or not. It is either you decide or not. Any form of hesitation will not make any contribution. You are just leaving people guessing around and waiting for your move. It is like paralysis analysis. Or are you playing the "feeling star" game? you want people to wait for your decision and amazed them at how good your decision was.

This applies in anything, if you are hesitant then likely you will make the wrong move. It applies in any physical or mental activity. It will show in your actions and words if you are hesitant, if your opponent is good in reading body languages then you were already defeated. They will easily know that you are scared to take action and they will attack you right away. Your voice is a little bit scared and your hand is somewhat shaking, you were so confused and doesn't know what is going around. You are not in the moment, you are not yourself. This is what hesitation brings, it exposes the weaker side of you.

Just do it regardless of the outcome. What makes you hesitate is you are afraid of the outcome, you were so afraid that you might suck. Does looking like you suck gonna kill you? Does committing a mistake will make your pocket thinner? To be honest with you, making a mistake will not diminish your personality, not even a little. Some people will even admire you if you are not afraid to take risk because people loves people with bold personality. A lot of people were magnetized by doers and risk takers.

So now, think clearly, what does hesitation gives to you? does it help you? did it make your situation better? If hesitation is giving you a good life then stop reading this article right away and go hesitate everyday.

I am not teaching you that you should be careless and reckless. I am not teaching you to just do whatever you feel like doing. My point here is once you already knew what you want, once you already knew what to do then go and get it. Stop thinking twice, take actions with confidence. Hesitation is parallel to destruction so don't ever hesitate just for once.

Making a bold action even though you are not sure about it is better than knowing what is right but still hesitating. Time is always ticking, the world is revolving, if you will always hesitate then you can never control your fate. And the worse thing is... hesitation is becoming your habit, you were always worrying about things that you don't need to worry. You were always thinking and expecting danger that hasn't happen yet.

I am encouraging you to give your all, use brute force and force yourself to just do it. Hesitation may give you a little comfort for now because it is delaying the time and you are not seeing yourself failing yet. But wait for a little more time and you will regret that you hesitate.

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