May 19, 2016


Freelancing is a very good job, it has a lot of advantages but it also has a lot of disadvantages. The good thing about it is you will have the ability to manage your time and if you are good in it then you will experience life even more unlike a worker who has a very strict and stressful schedule. Being a freelancer is not that hard you just need to make a set rules for yourself and follow it everyday. A lot of freelancers especially the high earning ones were somehow arrogant and will scare you that freelancing is hard but the reality is they only want to have lesser competition that is why they were discouraging you. They will even invent some ridiculous stories so you will not give freelancing a try. I have here some tips if you want to work as a freelancer, these are simple tips but if you follow all of it you will become really successful just like me.

1. Strive to become the best - always strive to become the best so you will have a mindset of a competitor. Freelancing is a competition, it is a universal competition so if you will not strive to become the best then you will always be left behind. Striving to become the best means you believe that you are one of the best. So, by doing this you will have a lot of confidence in yourself that you can do anything that the client is asking. Striving to become the best will also make you serious about your work and you will not take anything for granted. You have a goal and that goal will put you in the right direction.

2. You must always have an emergency money - some high earners in freelancing industry were so arrogant and they thought that they were invincible. They just buy the things that they want and act like a millionaire already. They never save some for emergency situations so when the emergency say hello to them... they crumble like a child lost in the park.

There is no guaranteed in freelancing. You can have a work today and no work tomorrow. Most freelancers don't have medical insurance or whatever. Having an emergency money will make you feel secure and you can work in peace knowing that you have something to pull if something goes wrong along the way. Save money as long as you can because there will be times when the business is weak.

3. Do what you love - choose the work that you are very interested. Don't do photography because it is in demand and it is a high paying job. Once you do something for money, you will never succeed. You will hate doing the work in the long run because you don't have the passion on it. You will have a mental breakdown if the stress in your work is too high. Choosing what you love will make you do it forever until you grow old. You may get tired of it for some time but the passion will always come back and the love for work will be at your side again.

4. Practice persistence - not all time you have work, you must be persistent in looking for clients. Some clients are for long term and some are not. You need to build a habit of looking for clients every now and then. Practice the law of average. Just ask as many as you can and you will see that you will never ran out of clients. You will find someone who is in need of your service everytime you need some money. And one more thing, there will also be some times where you will be vacant for a long time, you need to have the ability to endure the hard times and never lose hope. Sometimes freelancing is also a waiting game, you should stay in your business until someone shows up.

5. Always reinvent - if your style is not effective anymore then you should be aware of reinventing. The world of freelancing is so fast and your works might not be fresh or modern anymore if you are not aware of what is happening around. Always stay in tune of what is modern and what is in demand. And also try to make a style of your own and don't be shy to introduce it to people with the same specialty as yours.

6. Be disciplined - Never miss a deadline. If you say you can do it on that day, do it. Never make excuses or not showing yourself to your clients for a couple of days. The number one hate of clients is missing a deadline and poor communication. Never promised a thing that you can't deliver. Work even if you are not feeling well because excuses were not allowed in freelancing business. They are paying you so you should deliver what is on the agreement.

7. Always update your materials  - your materials should always be updated because the competition is so heavy. Having the latest software, camera, pc, technique or even the simplest things will give you a slight advantage. Clients were easily attracted with something new because who wants outdated materials anyway? Having new materials will make you look big time and experienced. Even your clothes must look new because it will somehow make you look like a big time mob and people will give you respect.

8. Always stay in shape -  even if you have a lot of clients, if you are not fit to work then you cannot accommodate all of them. Your work will suck if you are not healthy because there is something wrong in your system and you are not at your best while working. A lot of money will be lost if you cannot do the work that is expected because your health is stopping you from working. So even if you are so busy, still find a way to exercise. Being busy is not a valid excuse. You can have time for exercise if you really want it.

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