May 14, 2016


7 simple ways to enjoy traffic - rugged breed

Traffic is really irritating especially when you were already late or you needed to go home fast because you might miss the dinner with your family.  But sometimes you have to accept the fact that you cannot do anything about it, no matter how bad you feel there is nothing you can't do to make the cars move. If you feel bad about it don't make your situation badder by whining and complaining about it. It will only make the situation worse. Here are some suggestions where you can enjoy the traffic and forget about the time:

1. Talk interesting things with your companions - This is one way to forget traffic, talk some interesting things with your seatmate. Open up and talk some interesting things, this will cool down the tension. All of you will forget the traffic especially if you were enjoying the conversation. Crack a corny joke when needed. Make the conversation super interesting as the traffic goes heavier. all of you will not noticed that the cars were already moving and the destination is getting nearer and nearer.

2. Listen to your favorite music and sing with it - this is good when you are driving alone and there is no one to talk to. Just play your favorite song and sing loud. This will remove the bad feelings inside of you. This is one way to enjoy the traffic because your attention will be diverted to music. You will not notice that your car is moving slowly and the destination is just a few more rolls of your wheels. Sing loud and sing with your heart. Singing is far better than frowning.

3. Look for nicer cars around you - This is another good way to enjoy traffic, look for nicer cars around you. Find a Ferrari and if you find one take a look at it very closely, study its details. If you can't find luxury cars then at least find brand new cars with very nice colors. This is very simple, just look around but still make sure that you are still concerned with the movement of the traffic because you might cause an accident if you lose your focus too much. This will eat the time and make you forget the irritating traffic.

4. Look for billboards - this one is also good. Looking for billboards with nice celebrities on it is also like watching TV. Read what is written on the billboard, fantasize about the celebrities on it. And take not that there were also billboards that might help you on what you are looking for. Some billboards have good and helpful information on it that might help you. Again make sure that you are still aware about the traffic movement so you won't cause any trouble.

5. Have a little stretch, stretch your arms and legs - stretching will give you a good feeling. It will somehow remove the bad energies inside of your body. It is like restarting your day. Put your transmission into neutral, lift the handbreak and make a very good stretch. Stretch your legs if you can, this will make you feel better and fresher.

6. Snack - probably the best way to enjoy traffic is munching some junk foods or any kind of snack. People were hot headed on traffic especially if they were hungry. So when you are expecting a heavy traffic today make sure that you have something to eat. Don't forget to bring some food with you before you leave home. It can be a simple snack like sandwich or crackers. Make sure that the food you bring is not hard to eat and won't make you unfocused on driving.

7. Feel your car - Not only this is a way to enjoy traffic but it is also a method to appreciate life even more. Feel your car, appreciate how blessed you are for having a car. Appreciate that you are still healthy that you can still drive and experience the traffic. Touch the steering wheel, clean some parts of your car. Enjoy the smell of your car. There are some simple things that you already forgotten because of busy days, now is the time to do a soul searching. Use the traffic for reflection and appreciation.